My long lost friend Angie (who recently found me on MySpace) sent a package for us from Alaska. She sent a bunch of things, including books for The Squad that are all about animals from Alaska. All of the sudden they are very into porcupines.

But here is the thing I wanted to show you guys. Goon Squad magnets!

This guy Charles Burns is an artist who has a whole series of Goon Squad stuff. Anyway, it’s really cool stuff. I didn’t even know this guy existed until yesterday, but the magnet on the top right kind of looks like me holding Ian. (Okay, not really.)

Thanks Angie!

Now, what can I send Angie from D.C.? I wonder if she wants a really small replica of the Lincoln Monument. That should be pretty easy to get my hands on.

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  1. I find that The Virginia Company is good for ‘local’ gifts. Also, if she has kids, those Cheryl Shaw Barnes books (about the mice in different DC locations) are good. I think the Why Not? shop in Old Town Alexandria has autographed copies.

    (Um, hi. Fellow NoVA resident here, also with a daughter named Claudia – but whose online handle is Petunia. Small world!)

  2. Why don’t you get her a Smart Trip card? I bet she doesn’t have one of those in Alaska.

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