Randomness Part 37

Paige has her poll up to vote for the “Shittiest Mix Tape”. You can check them all out, bit I feel pretty confident, I mean – no one else even used a Jordy song. Go vote for me – or listen to this version of “Back in Black” that Crouton Boy used in his mix.Ouch.

Heleen over at One Way or Another is really, really (33 weeks is really, really when there are two) pregnant with twins. Her blog mentions that her insurance didn’t cover her IVF, so if you guys get a chance, go click on her ads and check out her blog.

I got a hit from the best search ever: the pharmacist god of upholstery. What do you think they were actually looking for?

I won another itunes gift certificate on Blingo.
You should join now so we can all win ipods. You’re using Google anyway, aren’t you? Plus, look at the picture. That dog is telling you to do it.

Remember – Go vote. You really should check everyone’s mixes out. Some of them are hilarious. But don’t go forgetting Jordy. He’ll look at you with those puppy dog eyes and sing songs that are so unbearable that some of you will want to take back the mean things you have said about “The Wiggles”.

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  1. I voted for ya babe!

  2. I cannot resist that Gallic infant’s charm. I love Jordy!

  3. See, Jordy made Dutch vote for me. Right?

  4. I voted for you, yet didn’t really look at anyone else. Is that cheating?

  5. I voted for you. You were in the lead when I checked.
    BUT – now I can’t get into her page to see how you are doing. I keep getting an error message that says that humans must not pretend to be robots.
    Is this really a problem?

  6. Well, if you would stop pretending to be a robot we wouldn’t have a problem, would we?

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