Perfect Post Award

If you haven’t seen this before, Lucinda and Momma K have a thing going where every month people pick a post that was their favorite for this month. It honors all of the reasons we keep reading all these blogs about people we have never met.

A Perfect Post

My pick for May is from a blogger who I hadn’t ever read before I read this post. Her name is Sharon B. and her blog is called It’s Okay, Sweetie.

Preschool Romance (what started it all) is the name of the post. Sharon talks about her daughter’s first little boyfriend. Thanks for making me laugh Sharon.

You can get links to all of the other winners on Suburban Turmoil and Welcome to Petroville.

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  1. Thanks for playing, Sarah. I loved this post, too.

    And congrats on a year of blogging! :)

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  1. […] I’m going to let her tell the story of how we figured this out, but in one of the strangest coincidences that I have ever been involved with it turns out that I went to the same high school as Sharon at It’s Okay, Sweetie, and I have known her brother since 6th grade. He rode my bus. Our parents live no more than two minutes from each other. I swear that I had no idea who she was when I gave her my Perfect Post award for May. I don’t even remember how I found her blog. […]

  2. […] I’m pretty new to Her Bad Mother’s site but I’m a big fan already. Last month I chose a blog that I was unfamiliar with and it tunred out I knew the writer in real life. (Well, at least I knew her brother.) I can’t wait to see what HBM and I have in common. That’s right. You heard me. Sarah @ 10:16 am | Perfect Post   […]