Riding on the Metro

This weekend we participated in The Susan G. Komen race for the cure. As you can see here the weather looked pretty threatening but it only rained on us a little bit. We had fun walking with my aunt and uncle, my cousins and their families, other extended family and about 50,000 other people who I won’t name here.

Thanks again to everyone who that made donations. It is a great cause.

This event also led to The Goon Squad’s first trip on Metro. I was a little bit nervous. I mean, we were taking two year old twins and a double jogging stroller with us. I was worried that all the shaking, noise, tunnels and strangers would scare the kids but they loved it. Every time we left a stop and started moving again Ian would yell “Yay!” and occasionally “Choo Choo!”. (He also roared at people on the return trip, you know, to scare them, very charming)I regret that I didn’t take some pictures on Metro, but like I said they were about 50,000 other people with us and it got a bit crowded. Claudia even managed to fall asleep on the ride back to our car.

As we left the station both kids called out “Bye train!” about 700 times. I think they liked it.

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  1. We were in DC last summer with our one year old son. He loved the Metro too! Boys love their trains.

  2. Don’t you just love the repetition? My boys do that, too, like they feed off each other. It is so funny.My guys love the choo-choo’s too.

  3. My kids like Metro, too. But if you really want to give them a thrill, you should take them into DC on the VRE sometime. It is a much bigger train and much more comfortable for Mom and Dad, too.

  4. Thank your for walking for teh cure. My husband lost his mother to breast cancer when he was only 4. And thank you for voting for me! Just for teh record I wear a size 16 or 18 or 1x or 2x depending on the clothing maker but you were very sweet to doubt me!

  5. The Kaiser thinks I should take our kids on the metrolink for FUN.
    For FUN, he says.

    Men. Duck camps. What not.

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