Having a Bad Blog Day

I am completely traumatized. My blog was down for at least 12 hours for no reason. (Thanks to those of you who noticed and asked about it.) I tried to sign up for a WordPress account and now I can’t log in over there, and I can’t get to their tech support without signing in. I’ve found someone who can fix it all for me, but she is on vacation.

Talk amongst yourselves, or go read The Official Site of Grant Miller. It makes me laugh a lot.

You could also talk about why the Knicks are going to suck next year, or If the bidding isn’t over yet you might still have a chance to go on ebay and get this Ben Roethlisberger Replica Helmet. *sorry broken link removed from 2006* (It’s is in much better taste than you would think for a link like that – thank you for the link Kaiser.)

In the meantime, unless some brilliant philanthropist knows how to solve all of my problems for free, I am going to go throw up because I am having unreasonable amounts of stress from this stupid blog move. Then I’ll probably go do some laundry.

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  1. Dude! I can relate! I get so frustrated I take days off at a time. I know I lose momentum with all my blog pals, but this can really sux at times.

    By the way, I JUST got your email and I wrote you back.

    Go CHS!

  2. I hope you get your issues straightened out soon.

    The link to the auction was funny, but the Grant Miller blog was hysterical.

  3. At least you’re back up here.

    Do you want me to hold your hair while you throw up?

  4. You’re moving to wordpress? Why?

  5. I HATE bad blog days. Glad you’re up and running again.


  6. It makes me nausous when mine doens’t work. I understand. Look at typepad. It works most of the time, way more than blogger.

  7. i wondered where you had gone. it’s not like you to not write or call.

    i know this isn’t a free option, but might i suggest getting your own domain name and hosting account and launching a WordPress.org-based site. that would run you about $13.00 a year and it eliminates ALL of the hassles of the free accounts. i have a super-secret Blogger alter ego blog and i’m amazed at how often it’s down. UpsideUp is always there — pretty much 100% of the time. and it works great with Macs, too.

    anyway. hope you have a better rest of the day.

  8. When that happened to me last? I got the shakes. Seriously, how dependent on this stuff are we now??

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