Wah Hoo!

cowboy Ian.jpg

If I got the picture thing to work you can thank Kelly, Laurie and Mark.

Well, sort of Mark. He told me to right click on my Mac. It’s an iBook, I just have the one big button. I’ll let it slide because Mark sometimes brings beer to my house.

Did I mention that Kelly was cool enough to give me help over the phone? We talked for about an hour. She also sent me some cool links on flickr that I will check if Ian keeps pretending to sleep on his little couch and Claudia keeps sleeping for real.

Can a two year old have mono?

Now – who knows how to make the picture move?

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  1. what is this “posted by Sarah” crapola? Where is “That’s right. You heard me.”???????

  2. You are S-M-A-R-T, girly! I love it. Plus, I had a fab time and I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but you sounded just like I thought. Your voice matches your face.

    Whatever the hell that means.

    Can I second the nomination of bringing back the “That’s right. You heard me” thingy. It was so YOU.

    It’s true. Once you go phone, you can never go back. I think I love you now. 😉

  3. Point 1, I gave you a 2 button mouse when you bought your ibook
    Point 2, if you hold the “control” button while you click its the same as a right click

  4. Yes, “posted by” doesn’t do the trick. How do I know you’re right without affirmation? Did I even hear you? Could I be going deaf? What day is it today? Water or iced tea? Did I take the trash out? It’s hard living with this kind of uncertainty.

    P.S.: I updated the link.

  5. Cool, it’s back. I can start breathing normally again.

  6. It’s back. That’s right. Sarah heard me.

  7. Someone told me that if you hold down the button it is the same as right clicking.

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