Perfect Post Award

I realize I’m posting my “Perfect Post Award” for June about 5 days late, but I’ve been without an internet connection since Thursday morning. Better late than never.

A Perfect Post
Usually the posts I like the most are the ones that really make me laugh. This month I chose one that made me sad.

Her Bad Mother wrote a post called How to Lose a Friend in 10 Months. This post is about how she lost a friend because of blogging. It is extremely well written and well thought out. It made me think about how the changes in our own lives affect our friendships. She gets my Perfect Post Award for June.

Go to Suburban Turmoil and Petroville and see who everyone else chose this month.

I’m pretty new to Her Bad Mother’s site but I’m a big fan already. Last month I chose a blog that I was unfamiliar with and it tunred out I knew the writer in real life. (Well, at least I knew her brother.) I can’t wait to see what HBM and I have in common.

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  1. I read the post by “Her Bad Mother”. Very sad. It made me realize that maybe you would like to hear how one of your good friends feel about your blog. So, for the record, let it be known that…

    I like reading your blog. I’m glad you have it. It keeps us up-to-date without spending a fortune on phone bills – not to mention trying to find a time that both of us can sit and talk. It also makes the miles between us feel ‘not so distant’. Although, I do miss having you here in Tampa with me.

    I’m also glad that you have met some really neat people by blogging and I enjoy their blogs too. Maybe when I come to visit, I’ll enjoy their company as well.

    Maybe it is because of my own family that I understand – as a childless woman – what it takes to be a good Mom. It takes time, energy and dedication. It takes away from lunches and shopping trips with friends. But, I also believe, a real friend should try to understand and reach out. A lunch date can still be had in the living room while the babies nap. And an occasional shopping trip can still be arranged with a little more effort and patience.

    I can’t imagine being a stay at home Mom. I can’t imagine being a stay at home Mom without having this type of outlet. I would go bonkers. I’m glad you have it. I’m glad we’re friends. I love you.

  2. Wow. I haven’t read the post yet, but if it’s as good as the post above, I’m on my way!

    Just wanted to give ya another shout out! Dammit! I wish I’d written about our “discovery” last month!!!!! I’m glad you did.

    Even though I’m not posting as frequently, I still try and check in wit’ cha. I can’t wait to read about your adventures at BlogHer. I wish I was going. Maybe next year. I’ll see you you feel about it first 😉

  3. i missed you over the holiday. almost started to get worried, even. glad you’re ok. thanks for sending us to that great post. i’ve sure had my “had kids, lost a friend” experience, so it’s always helpful to read about others. misery loves company. especially misery who has no more friends.

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