It’s no portable DVD player, but it’s a start.

If you are like those of us who did NOT get a free portable DVD player you may be able to relate to my on going “free stuff jealousy”. I wasn’t even cool enough to score some of that free KY spray that some people got.

I just wanted everyone to know I got my first free thing. I got a book.1400043832.jpg

No, no. I’m haven’t been included in the book tour thing, I got a book called “The Early Birds”. It was written by Jenny Minton and according to the jacket it is about Jenny’s experince having premature twins.

I am always fascinated when I meet other people with multiples. I always want to know about their pregnancies and how many weeks their kids spent in the NICU and how many weeks they were into their pregnancies when they delivered. I asked a random lady all these questions two weeks ago when I met her at the park. So why am I nervous to read this book? I am scared it will all be too close to home. I had a very traumatic pregnancy and I’m not that anxious to relive the rough parts.

I’m right in the middle of two other books, so it might take a little while, but I’ll let you know how I liked it. I know a lot of other twin parents read my blog and you guys might be interested.

Suck it KY. I would have said nice things about your stupid spray. Hmph.

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  1. ‘Suck it KY’
    Red wine just hit the screen of the laptop.

  2. Ooo…one book I might have to check out. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

  3. While I don’t love reliving my experience because I dissolve into a puddle of tears every time I do, I find it necessary sometimes. I ask every parent of multiples I come into contact with the SAME questions–I don’t know why I feel the need to know, but I do.

    Let us know about the book. I’d definitely read it if you like it.

  4. Used to be that if you went to the KY website you could enter in your address for a free “warming massage oil” sample… :)

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of the book. I’d love to read it but, as Amy said, it will likely force me into a puddle on the floor.

  5. You got free stuff! You are SO cool!

  6. First of all, my stuff is warm enough thank you, why do I want KY heating it all up?
    Secondly, everyone with twin complications makes me feel guilty because I didn’t have any. Like I’m supposed to be embarrassed because I didn’t have any issues or a C section nightmare or something. I’m not SAD that I didn’t have them, but it makes me feel like a freak.
    I’m suddenly out of the club……like my twins don’t COUNT or something. But I feel the same way when people get going on IVF…again, I feel like I’m out of the clique since I dind’t do IVF.
    I think I’m PMSing.
    Maybe I’ll blog it out and work out all of my idiocy on this subject.

  7. I saw the author on one of the morning talk shows while I was on maternity leave. It looked like it would be a good story.

  8. Thanks for the shouts and sharing in the sadness that we have to actually pay for our own warming Kentucky products. Congrats on the book.

    You are on your way to own the world (and other personal lubricants).

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  1. […] Hey, remember how I told you I finally got something for free? It was a book called “The Early Birds” by Jenny Minton. Jenny was an editor in New York and her entire life changed when she went through IVF and had premature twins. […]