My kids love it when we look through all of my flickr photos and they get to point themselves out over and over. We seriously do this two or three times a week.

Today, Claudia saw this picture and she told me she was a pirate.

Close enough, I guess.

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  1. Ohhhh, I love that picture. A pirate…um…if you added a patch maybe.

    We still have to look at zoo pictures from TWO YEARS AGO. “See mom, here’s you all fat and pregnant next to the hippo. That’s my favorite.”

  2. Oh my god I remember when that picture was NEW. She is hilarious.
    Save that one for high school graduation.

  3. Wow, you have not one cutie but two cuties! They are adorable.

    I am trying to get around to meet some of the mommybloggers going to BlogHer and I saw you on the list. Your blog is cute! Especially that header. Too cool.

  4. I would pay good money to have that outfit. I have no shame – trust me when I say that I would wear the hell out of it, too.

    Claudia? She’s gonna get you… that kiddo is TOO. CUTE. for anyone’s good. Least of all yours. You’re in for it. I mean it. Watch out.

    Sorry to be a harbinger of all bad things, but seriously, her cuteness factor is high. 😉

  5. christina_the_wench says:

    New here. Hello. ~waves~ I agree with Mocha. You’re gonna have to beat them away with a stick soon enough.

  6. A pirate that dances on air! :-) Great pictures over at flickr.

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