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Claudia peed in the potty today.

On purpose.

We were so excited that we called Gabe and all four grandparents at work. Claudia told all of them “I pee in the pooooooooooooooeey.” (potty has four or five syllables with Claudia’s drawl and only one consonant). Then she lied to Gabe’s dad and said she pooped in the potty too.

She might be a liar. But at least she peed in the potty. The BIG potty. She flushed and everything.

Why do I feel like I won today?

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  1. Yay!!! Way to go Claudia!!

    You did win today Sarah, this is the beginning of going diaper-less…

  2. You totally win. Woo hoo.

  3. I peed in the potty too! Okay, granted, that’s remarkably less impressive. Since I’m 33.

  4. Right on!
    Caity keeps trying to use HER penis to pee standing up.
    Laughs when I sit to do the deed.

    Gonna be another long one.

  5. Yeah for Claudia! Mine is 3 1/2 and only poops in the potty. Won’t pee unless there’s poop baggage. I hear girls are easier. I’m hoping so. Big hugs for Claudia though!

  6. Wow! I’m not even taking mine NEAR the potty yet.

    That is awesome! WHAT A BIG GIRL CLAUDIA IS!

  7. Can you send Claudia to Kansas to teach Morgan how to do that? Yay, Claudia! Think of all the money you can save when you don’t have to buy diapers.

  8. You won, it is one baby step towards no more diapers. And no more diapers is feedom, freedom I tell you (except when you are on a road trip and they insist they have to potty every 15 minutes).

  9. That is definitely one in the win column. So what is your record now?

  10. Wow, that’s so cool! BIG score.

  11. One pee pee in the potty down………a lifetime to go!

  12. Congrats!! Arwen is right – road trips with a newly potty trained kid aren’t so great… but no more diapers is so liberating!

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