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I went to the doctor on Wednesday and she prescribed me Sarafem or fluoxetine hydrochloride, better known as a generic Prozac. She also took blood (and I didn’t pass out or anything) to check for thyroid disease (they do that for everyone, right?) and gave me the phone number for “someone to talk to”.

Right. Because if I had time to go to a doctor’s appointment once a week during normal business hours and felt confident that I could have someone watch my kids without having to make anybody take time off work and rearrange their lives for my personal issues I wouldn’t be this fucking freaked out in the first place.


Anyway, I started the medicine yesterday. I’ll let you know how it goes. They say it takes a while to kick in. I’ve had a great week, but of Tammy and her kids have been here to keep us busy and keep me company. Let’s see how I handle leaving the kids for four days next weekend. Ha! Just kidding. I’ll be the drunk girl throwing the party on the airplane. I love my children, but I need this break.

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  1. Since I will be on the plane with Sarah and sharing a room with her at BlogHer, what will be my supporting role?

    A. Getting just as drunk and starting a conga line in the aisle at 30,000 feet?

    B. Holding Sarah’s hair as she heaves?

    C. Being the funsucker; Quoting passages from “The Blue Book” by Bill W.?

    Tell me, whatever you want, I’ll do it. But keep in mind if you pick option “B” I may be heaving right next to you as I tend to be an sympathetic puker.

  2. I hope the pills work, Sarah. And I’m jealous you’re going to BlogHer.

  3. “Right. Because if I had time to go to a doctor’s appointment once a week during normal business hours and felt confident that I could have someone watch my kids without having to make anybody take time off work and rearrange their lives for my personal issues I wouldn’t be this fucking freaked out in the first place.”

    EXACTLY. I have a great support network of family and friends around me, ALL of whom work 40 hour weeks. There is absolutely no one to help me out when I need to run an errand, go to the doctor, etc. Therefore, B&B come with me everywhere. As much as I’m dreading going back to work and leaving them at daycare, I think I’ll be happy to be able to run by the grocery store on the way home without loading two toddlers into the buggy and praying for no meltdowns before I make it through the checkout line. Silver linings, you know?

  4. Do you think it will bother the therapist if I bring the kids?

  5. They named the drug after you?

  6. Thyroid check is very standard. Your thyroid affects way more than you would think. Its really easy to fix if it is off but it can cause, among other things, hair loss, depression, exhaustion, sleeplessness – you know, all of that stuff that makes parenting SO much more delightful.

    Hope you feel better very soon. I cant wait for dispatches from Blogher.

  7. Two weeks. Prozac takes two weeks to become effective and two weeks to cycle out of the blood stream. I’m just sayin’

  8. aw good luck sarah. i am very interested to know how it goes. also, weaning off is no fun :(

  9. I’m glad the treatment is begun. Yes it takes a while, and even subtle hypothyroidism can screw with your head something fierce.

  10. I’m on the same stuff for my PMS rages/depression. It works.

  11. I hope the meds kick in soon.

    I agree – I’ve often thought, maybe I should see someone. And then I realize that not having enough time for ME, is like 90% of my problems.

    Enjoy blogher!

  12. Sounds like they’ll be kicking in just in time! Go and have a great time at BlogHer, and they should be in full force when you get back and really need them.

  13. I’m so glad that you’re on the path to feeling better. My appointment is in a couple weeks. I’m telling you, if I could have afforded BlogHer and not felt bad about leaving my kids, I would do everything else possible to come out and meet you all. Have fun and don’t worry, the kids will be fine! Have fun!

  14. Sarah-
    stumbled upon your site through the blogher interviews. The answer is yes, I am pretty sure they do test everyone’s thyroid function when you go to get happy pills. At least they tested mine. I have been on Celexa since Decemeber. It has helped some, but I have had so many changes in my life that I am not sure if i have depressed days because of the changes or the depression. Good for you for taking the step to get yourself checked out though! I think it can be a hard thing to do!


  15. Damn, I’m also having a hormonal issue (at least I think that’s what it is). I’m not having depression/mood swings but there are other things going on and my periods got worse after I had the baby, not better. I just went through a round of tests with my OB and we’re currently trying a progesterone-only birth control pill. (This is the first time in my life I’ve been on the pill.) If this doesn’t work I’m going to my regular doctor.

    And yes, thyroid testing is very common! I also have a thyroid issue that they caught while I was pregnant. In fact, I recommend to people that they actually go to an endocrinologist (instead of their regular doctor) because they think now that I may have had a borderline thyroid issue for a long time and the reg. doctors never caught it. I’m also starting to think that there is a link between the thyroid hormones and menstrual hormones, but of course all the doctors say there isn’t (blah! What do they know?). It’s just everything that’s been affecting me has been SO clockwork! It’s driving me batty.

    I just started the pill so we’ll see how it goes. Want to keep in touch and compare notes as we go?

  16. celexa was my drug of choice. it got me through a really rough patch but caused me to gain 15 pounds! (but I have to say happy and chubby was much better than thin and totally non-functioning/ useless) UGH! the thyroid check IS routine. I’d worry if they didn’t check it.

    Good luck with everything. I avoided the meds for too long because I had some weird stigma about meds meaning… well, something not good But they saved me. They really, really did. Check to see what the alcohol interaction effects might be. Wouldn’t want to cramp your to-do list at blogher!

  17. Vitamin P, as we pscyh ward veterans call it, can work wonders. It can also poop out on you. It’s done both for me. Try it and see and if it doesn’t do the trick get yourself a doctor who will whip up something in the kitchen sink that does work. All shrinks mix their meds these days; some are better at it than others.

    Can I leave my kids with whoever is taking care of yours for awhile? I’ll chip in for combat duty pay. –tracy

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