Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (30 – 21)

I’m off to San Jose today (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it) to go to BlogHer. I don’t know if I’m more excited to meet everyone or to just get to sleep straight through the night. Either way – fear not, if there are snakes on my plane or if we crash in the Andes (which is not likely since I’m connecting in Detroit) my top 20 are ready and waiting and Gabe can publish them for me postmortem. I could be like 2-Pac. Well – as much as any suburban white mom who drives a minivan and likes shopping at Target can be like 2-Pac anyway.

But I digress – gaze upon my 30th – 21st favorite albums of all time.

You can see 100 – 91 here, 90 – 81 here , 80 – 71 here, 70 – 61 here, 60 – 51 here, 50 – 41 here and 40 – 31 here.

30 – Happyhead – Give Happyhead
I have no idea what happened to Happyhead. I think the only reason I ever even heard Happyhead was because I worked at Peaches and someone else pulled it out of the demo bin and really liked it. This is an upbeat, dancy album. It’s fun.

13 Songs Fugazi
29 – Fugazi – 13 Songs
Even if this album was called “One Song” and the song was “Waiting Room” it would still be on my list.


28 – The Cult – Sonic Temple
I don’t think this will be a popular choice, but I really think this album rocks. Billy Duffy can really write a hook. “Edie (Ciao Baby)” cheesy, yes. Lovely, yes.

Supefuzz Bigmuff
27 – Mudhoney – Superfuzz Bigmuff
I guess it’s really “Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles” but with old Sub Pop stuff you just take what you can get if you don’t own a record player. This album is full of greatness: “Touch me I’m Sick”, “In ‘N’ Out of Grace”, “You Got It” (Keep it Outta My Face), “Burn it Clean”, I could keep going.

Energy Operation Ivy
26 – Operation Ivy – Energy
Before I met Gabe I had never even heard of Operation Ivy. He converted me. Now, I admit that technically this is a compilation album, but you can’t really just get these songs on CDs. This is such an upbeat record. It is bouncy and fun and it also has something to say. Remember, members of this band went on to form Rancid, Common Rider and The Transplants, so if you don’t own this you might want to go out an get it. (Who am I kidding, burn it off the internet).


25 – Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime
It is going to kill Gabe that I have this beating Operation Ivy by one. He hates Queensryche. I like Queensryche. I like love really like this album.

The Front
24 – The Front – The Front
I just learned that this album is out of print. What a shame. It’s really a good album. I saw these guys open up for Alice Cooper. They were a great live rock band.

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
23 – The Beatles – Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
When I was a kid, this was the only Beatles album that my parents had, but I still understood why The Beatles were The Beatles.

Duran Duran Duran Duran
22 – Duran Duran – Duran Duran
Back in the days when I got my music by putting my tape recorder right up against my clock radio and pressing record/play I made a tape that was just the songs “Is There Something I Should Know” and “Our House” over and over. Now Madness is advertising for Maxwell House and I don’t even know how you would describe Duran Duran these days. My first real music crush was on either on Adam Ant or Simon LeBon. Later (6th grade) I became more of a John Taylor girl. I remember thinking that these lyrics were really deep – above my head. The older I get the more I am convinced that some of it is complete nonsense (especially on “Seven and the Ragged Tiger”). Either way, I love this album. I have it on vinyl, tape, CD and it’s burned onto our computer. I listened to this album so much in Jr. High that if I listen to it now I feel relaxed because all of my problems then were stupid, and now my Mom lets me stay out late and it would be impossible for me to attend a party where there weren’t any parents, because, you know, I am one.


21 – The Abyssinians – Satta Massagana
I just learned that this album was released back in 1976. It really holds up well. From what I understand, the song “Satta Massagana” is widely used in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. My favorite song is “Leggo Beast”. Sometimes I think just hearing the laid back opening to that song could put me at ease.

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  1. Man….I need to get better taste in music. I’ve not listened to most of this!

  2. I love getting Happyhead…I’ve never given it…

    LOVE seeing Operation Ivy on there, and Sonic Temple is spectacular. Very nice.

    As for the rest, what can I say…I think you’re cooler than me.

  3. Damn, I was hoping Queensryche would eventually appear on the list. Great choice.

    (40-year Virgin line) “you know how I know I’m gay…I totally went to the Duran Duran concert with my brother in 1983.” My uncle got these tickets in the third row seats which he gave to us. We were the only two guys in like the first ten rows. I actually told people that Andy Taylor (how many of them were there?) was the world’s best guitarist. LAME.

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