Randomness Part 46

Go over to Parentopia and help Devra and Aviva come up with a new slogan. You know you want to. Plus, there are prizes involved.

Every time I type the word “because” I type “becuase”. Why? Why? Every stinking time.

Go over to EDSBS and behold Spurrier’s giant cock. You may have to scroll down.

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  1. This is what I sent to Devera.

    Parentopia: Drowinging our children in love since 2001.

    Parentopia: limbless children are easier.

    Parents + Opium = Parentopia!

    Parentopia! Raising children better than we color!

    Parentopia: if you don’t buy our shit our children will starve.

  2. You are such a tease. Cock, my ass.

    Ooohhh. That was kind of dirty! HA.

  3. I’m the one who has a door knocker that says “Go Game” above the engraved “Cox.”

    Last time I was here in SC, I had Spurrier Wine. Today, we watched the “instant classic” of last year’s Bama/Carolina game.

    The lead story in the sports section was about a high school running back.

    Go Cocks!!

  4. Now we know who painted that picture.

  5. Hello from Gainesville and from someone who knows for a FACT that Spurrier is an ass. You think Chef Ramsay’s a dick, well, I’ve seen his UK show on BBC America. The Hell’s Kitchen thing is a complete act for American TV. Spurrier, however, is the REAL thing. He belongs coaching a team that has “COCKS” right between the screws on the front of their helmets.

  6. here you go sarah, thought you might enjoy this:

    “There was a young girl who begat
    three brats by name
    Nat, Pat, and Tat.
    It was fun in the breeding
    but hell in the feeding,
    when she found there
    was no tit for tat.” -Anonymous

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