Riddle Me This

What could be the reason that both of my two year olds are suddenly scared of the vacuum cleaner again?

I mean – they didn’t like it when they were babies, but they had gotten over their fear. They even have their own little Dyson’s and they use to vacuum along with me. But now – sceaming and crying. BOTH of them.

Could it be from lack of recent exposure to the afore mentioned vacuum? Maybe I should spend more time cleaning my house.

Nah. That’s just crazy talk.

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  1. You obviously should never, ever, vacuum again.

  2. Crazy talk indeed woman!

  3. Have you switched from an upright to a canister? I know my son thought the canister was a housepet for a while. I have the video of him trying to rub its belly to prove it. First sign that my child is becoming a hellish tween, we are breaking out hte home movies for his friends.

  4. They’re just messing with you. They’ve found a great opportunity to scream, is all.

    How do I know?

    You don’t want to know. All you need to know is that my kids are 5 and 3 and I avoid the vacuum at all cost.

  5. Ours hates it too. That’s now my excuse as to why I DON”T clean!

  6. Whatever you do, DON’T spend more time cleaning your house unless all else fails. More house cleaning should only be a LAST resort. :-)

  7. Vacuum? What’s a vacuum?

  8. Rats! Becky took my line…

    Remember, since they’re twins, they DO conspire against both of you, even at the tender age of two.

    As a father of twins who are already 4 (oh my god they start school in 2 weeks), let me give you my motto: ‘It gets so much worse than this.’

  9. Raisin hates the vacuum, too — perhaps the conspiracy goes beyond your twins, and includes all 2-year-olds?

    How dumb am I that I didn’t grasp the simple solution of NOT vacuuming? Genius.

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