As I Watch My Daughter Eat Her Weight in Cheerios

I really had planned on being at the grocery store by 9:30 this morning, but since Claudia just asked for “more, please” again we’re still here. That girl is on her fourth bowl of dry Cheerios. It is starting to make me sick. I mean her stomach can only be so big right? (Ah, mystery solved. I just looked at the floor under her chair. That explains at least one bowl’s worth.)

This actually isn’t that unusual for Claudia. She will go for days and barely eat anything and then the fourth or fifth day she will eat like a longshoreman.

None of this is my point anyway. As I was sitting here watching her looking super-cute in her UCF shirt I realized that out of all of her clothes she had chosen a UCF shirt and Ian (refusing the outfit I picked out for him) went to his room and brought me his USF shirt.

Football season is here my friends. And The Goon Squad knows it. And it would appear that they are choosing sides.

I know which kid is getting the extra cookie today. Go Knights!

Note. I wanted to attach a cute picture of the twins in their shirts. Guess what happens when in order to avoid the “cheese” face you ask them to say “hippopotamus”.)

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  1. I KNEW Ian was my favorite!!! He has good sense and good taste! GO BULLS!!!
    “My marching team is better than yours!”

    Sigh……..I miss you even more now that football season is here.

    OH! Matt says we might be able to come up in September for an extended weekend!! WOO HOO!! “Dancing in the streets”!!!! I’ll keep you posted!

  2. that is awesome! that pic is precious! also – zoe is in her big “dry cereal” phase too, only it’s chocolate lucky charms – thanks GRANDMA for buying them!!!!

  3. OMG that is cute. I love a kid faking eyes closed.

  4. Remind me not to say “hippopatumus” while driving.

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