Threats – 2006 Style

This never would have worked for our parents.


It totally worked.
Wonder Pets
That boy sure loves the “Wonder Pets”.

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  1. Man, I love the parenting tips I pick up off the internet. I’ll file this one away for next year.

  2. Hahahahaha. I busted out Santa Clause last week. You know, in August.

  3. I love that so much, I may just steal the idea. I have used the I’m calling Santa one though. And the worst one, I’m cancleing your birthday party….even though it was in March when I said it and her birthday is in December. But it all works. I wonder what we do when they learn to see through those things?

  4. I had this whole “Jack is just a baby! I will not watch children’s programming! Besides, he like the ER theme music” thing going, and then my mom introduced him to Blue and PBS and it was all over.
    I saw the save the duckling episode for the second time this morning.
    Help me :(

  5. wow. i totally laughed out loud on that one. boy, the bribes we use to get our kids to comply. hahah! we just got back from a week at the condo. it was SOOO relaxing. when are you coming down?

  6. Right now, the best thing working with The PB & The J is:

    “If you don’t stop, I’m calling the whining/not-listening/naughty police.”

    This became especially effective when, on our 15-hour trek out East, my niece would say that to them when they were being bad and a cop sped by us with sirens/lights blaring at the precise moment…

    They clammed up for the last 2 hours of the trip… and it still works.

    Does that make me a bad parent?

  7. I’ve thrown away Spongebob dvds and Disney movies. By throw away I mean hide them on the top of the fridge, forget to tell the husband or the inlaws then go to work until midnight whilst they are at home with two seemingly adorable demons yell for BOB BOB!! all night.

    I’m not above bribery. Do you ever want to see Nemo again? Then put a sock in it and get over here.

    Yeah, I feel your pain. It’s all good.

  8. Yes! Love it! I am totally adding this to my bag of tricks! LOL

  9. Yes! Love it! I am totally adding this to my bag of tricks! LOL But for now, I’ll just get to use it on the hubby since little guy is only 1.

  10. oops sorry for the double (*ahem* now triple) post

  11. I remember when our youngest was a toddler he had no idea what “getting fired” meant and we have no idea where he picked up the term, but for quite a while we were able to lead him to believe (never lied to him, didn’t threaten. We just made it fairly easy for his mind to *go there*) So he would often ask “Will I get fired?” and we would say “YES!” and he would knock it off.

  12. Ah, but do you actually follow through? I’m great with threats, but suck at the follow through.

    Wonder pets? Looks cute, yet annoying…

  13. Well as you know we are Class A Spankers at our house, but what I love NOW is that we don’t really HAVE to spank much any more. We’ll just say “WHIP!” (Daddy calls it whipping although I assure you no whip is involved.) and they completely fold.
    Coloring on the wall? “WHIP!” – the behavior STOPS cold.
    It’s brilliant.

  14. Hey! that worked on my hubby! “If you don’t get your sh*t now, I am going to erase the ‘deep sea detectives’ you want to watch tonight!”

    Love the idea!!!

  15. That’s brilliant. I’m stealing that trick.

  16. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who uses TV as a disciplinary method.

  17. I’ve been known to use the Rolling Stones as a parenting tool. My kids get to hear me sing “You can’t always get what you want”. Been doin’ it for over 10 years and my 10 year old will wrinkle his face in disgust every time he hears the name Mick Jagger because “Mick Jagger doesn’t let kids get what they want.”

  18. Your Mother says:

    Sarah – That’s really mean!

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