It Counts as a Throwback Jersey if You are Only Two Years Old

Claudia Lynch Jersey Bucs

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  1. Is that the one I sent? If so, I think that you may have originally bought it for Justin!

  2. When we go to Colorado in September we can pick the girl up a new shirt with the right team. heh, heh.

  3. Devra: Shut up. Two words. Jake Plummer.

    Tammy: I’m pretty sure I did buy this for Justin. In fact – I’m 99% sure I bought it at the Fan Attic in Westshore Mall.

  4. At first I thought you were talking about her hair, because it looks teased on top, in a throw-back Jersey (as in New Jersey, 80s style) kind of way.

  5. I think it totally counts.

  6. Sarah, you said the “s” word. I’m telling!

  7. Don’t even TELL me you’re a Bucs fan, Sarah! I’M a Bucs fan. I’ll be sure to remind you of that when I’m KICKING YOUR PUNK ASS in fantasy football, beyotch!

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