Consider Yourself Warned

We’re off to Arkansas. The verdict is: The car seats are flying with us. I’d love to say that I was following all the lovely advice that you gave me, but really somebody told my Father-in-law that we absolutely have to have them in order to get on the airplane, so they are coming with us.

The laptop is not coming with us. I may or may not have internet withdrawal symptoms while away.

Good news for you guys though. Gabe has threatened politely offered to guest post while we are gone. He is also building a built in book shelf/entertainment center in the family room so if he doesn’t get around to posting you know why.

Gabe has been working on his top 100 albums list (which might turn into a top 50 albums list) so you might see that, but he has also talked about posting excerpts from blog posts that he has seen on MySpace. Be ready for anything people.

We saw Samuel L. Jackson on “The Daily Show” the other day and I really hope there aren’t any snakes on my motherfuckingplane. The Squad is going to be scary enough for the other passengers. Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck.

    And there are worse things than snakes to have on your motherfuckingplane.

    Like 100 Elvis impersonators… or 100 Dubya impersonators… or a gaggle of young-Republicans…

    You get the idea.

    Have fun…

  2. Good luck! They won’t let you bring liquid on the plane. So … start drinking now.

  3. Good luck!

    And you did the right thing by bringing the carseats. I experienced that recently and it was very helpful.

  4. I can’t wait to hear aboout your experience. You can only hope there are snakes on the plane so that it will distract the passengers from your POTENTIALLY unruly kids. LOL

  5. I refuse to believe that the squad will be anything but angelic.

  6. All appendages crossed in hopes that you have the most uneventful flight in the history of commercial air travel.

  7. you could use the snakes to tie up the kids, right?

  8. Carseats will make great squad restraints on the plane. Good luck…

  9. The only times I have seen carseats inside a plane was when they were used as a baby carriage-type thing. I think most people either check them, or leave them with the crew before boarding. But then again, I never paid that much attention to it and am probably wrong. But I think kids would be fine just sitting on the seats like everyone else anyway, since the seatbelts go around the waist only.

    Enjoy your trip.

  10. Godspeed. Safe travels!!

  11. Good luck, I’m sure the squad will do fine. I hope Gabe posts photos of the bookshelf/entertainment center so I can show MY husband, who has been promising to build something similar since last Christmas!

  12. Everyone join me here as I chant: GABE! GABE! WE WANT POSTS FROM GABE! (hi sarah. hi goon squad. we miss you!)


  14. Good luck. Deep breaths.

  15. Good luck. I’m such a weenie I’ve backed out of attending a wedding in Pittsburgh because it would just be me and ada. Once I found out that kids won’t fit in the overhead compartment it was a no-go for me.

  16. As my hubby is a pilot, we recently took the Nut on his first commercial flight to Chicago. Hubby made the mistake of telling me what happend in an emergency to children without car seats on a plane. I’ll put it this way: better bring the seats.

    and yes, as forcasted, I am being dragged to the motherfucking snakes movie. I’ll keep you posted on that disaster. lol

  17. Have a great trip and yes, bring the seats :)

  18. Misty Ann Matheson says:

    did you say arkansas? is that still part of the usa?

  19. Where is Gabe? Gabe? Where are youooooooooo?

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