Why I Felt Old Today

I felt old today because the ambient music in the grocery store was “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

Not even muzak or anything, just The Ramones. Uncensored. How un-punk is that?


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  1. Punks need groceries too.
    When the smack wears of you get really hungry……

  2. yeah people with the munchies need good music to munchie shop with

  3. I felt old all weekend. ALL WEEKEND. Old. Old. Old.

  4. i found it a bit surreal the first time i was groping melons in publix to “I want to be sedated”

  5. Did that happen in Safeway?

  6. Dude. Last night my friend Stacey and I were talking about how Trent Reznor looks ancient now, and we remembered that Pretty Hate Machine came out 17 YEARS AGO.

    I don’t feel old, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

  7. Well, maybe you just shop in a kickass grocery store.

  8. I haven’t heard The Ramones in my grocery store, but I have heard Pink Floyd. I thought that was odd. And then I was too depressed to shop.

  9. My son’s elementary school had field day and was blasting 80’s songs over the PA all over the place. It was such a shock to think about what I was doing when I used to listen to those songs on the radio and now here I am a couple of years later -Shut up! Just shut up! I can stop time if I want-and I’m at my son’s field day. Ack! Pffft! (A Bill the Cat quote just felt right.)

  10. Oh man…I just read this to the huz and we had a good laugh. But yes, it IS sad.

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