Why would you even want to find that?

Okay. Who the hell keeps searching for “wonder pets ringtone”?


Like that song doesn’t get stuck in your head enough as it is? I tried to find it for those of you who are lucky enough to not already know it, but I didn’t find it.

Wonder Pets Hula

(But I did find The Wonder Pets Go Pee Pee)

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  1. It should be noted I’m watching those little bastards right now.

    They are saving a baby unicorn.

  2. and who knew you could twist a whole animal upside down to get it out of the tree? I want what those “Wonder” Pets are on. My son thinks we can do that to horses. I don’t know why that bothers me. He thinks ducks and turtles talk and that doesn’t get bug me.

  3. During lunch today out of nowhere Supergirl looks at me and says “The Hippo did it” I ask, “the hippo did what?” “Save baby Elephant”

    of course…

  4. What’s gonna work? Teamwork!

  5. I tried to get the girls to watch Wonder Pets – they refused. F#$%ing Spongebob has brainwashed them.

  6. We all do, Sarah. Everybody pees and everybody poops.

  7. I don’t know why, but I always think of “Kill the Wabbit” – Elmer Fudd – when I hear this song. The girls love it. Couch potatoes already…

  8. Wonder Pets? Ringtones? Arghhhhhhhh! Who needs the ringtone when it’s already burned into your brain???

  9. My daughter loves the wonder pets. However, when Franklin comes on, she runs to the living room just as fast as she can. I should add that she’s just a year old. She likes the animals i guess.
    This is Gidge’s sister in law, by the way. I love the knock knock jokes. My 6 1/2 year old tells some strange jokes too. He always has. He thinks that they’re REALLY funny though.

  10. Metal Marky says:

    I have created an MP3 ringtone of the wonder pets, so who wants it?

  11. I would love to have that ringtone, my husband hates that song.

  12. I would love the ringtone too, please send it to me!

  13. Stevewaddo says:

    Metal, can you send me the ringtone?

  14. I REALLY would love the ring tone, can anyone send it to me?

    Teeeeeam Wooooorkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  15. I really really really need the ringtone. Please send to me.


  16. I’d love to have the Wonder Pets ring tone! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  17. Metal Marky says:

    If you want the MP3 ringtone, send me a message to omb _ metal _ marky @ ho tm ail dot com. (omb_metal_marky@hotmail.com) You need the underscores if the email address is not showing correctly. Depends whether this message board strips it or not. I am sure you will work it out of you want this wonderpets mp3 ringtone!

  18. Oooh! Please send me the ringtone, too. “The phone, the phone is winging! The phone, we’ll be right there!”

  19. Who are you guys to determine which ringtones suck and which don’t? Judge not, assholes.

  20. I would love the wonder pets ring tone – could you please send me a copy.

  21. Julie Frost says:

    I would love to have the Wonderpets ringtone. Could you send it to me?

  22. You can download the ringtone on motomail.co.uk/ringtone/7158 now since so many people are after it.


  23. Lynn Taylor says:

    I would love the wonder pets ringtone!!!!……….please, please send it to me!!

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