Let the trash talking begin!

I have my fantasy football draft tonight. Woo hoo!

But this isn’t just ANY regular fantasy football draft. This is a blogger draft. That’s right. You heard me. I’ll be on a conference call with other dorks cool cats just like me.

So if any of you were wondering who I will be taking money from at the end of the season. Here is a list. (In alphabetical order, just like at the beginning of Dallas)

Child’s Play x 2
Marginally Clever
More Diapers
Queen of Spain
The Kaiser


It should be a pretty fun draft. Now I’m off to buy beer and chips, so it will be more like a live draft.

Carnell Cadillac Williams 24 Bucs

(My prediction for this evening: I’m drafting 9th. In all the rankings I’ve been researching, Carnell Williams is the #9 running back. So unless some dolt other respected player drafts a WR or Peyton Manning in the first 8 picks, I’ll be picking a Buccaneer player as my first pick causing all the other players to make fun of me for the rest of the draft.)

ps – I am such a winner today. Not only did I win Cynical Dad’s Incestuous Music Challenge (It’s not as gross as it sounds) but I also just won a $25 Visa gift certificate on Blingo!
I also won a $25 visa gift card for Alison, since I signed up for Blingo through her. So, click the red button, sign up, search like you normally would on google anyway, and win us stuff.

Do you want to know what I was searching for when I won this time? I swear to your Gods that I was searching for a “football beer” image. I knew my love for beer and football would pay off eventually.

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  1. I’ve got wine and hummas. Does that count? Or does that just make me dorkier?

  2. You are such a girl.

    And a hippie.

    And a bad speller.

  3. I’m totally impressed with your football knowledge. Fantasy leagues intimidate the hell out of me, so I’ve never gotten in one. (Um, also I don’t believe that I’ve ever been asked.) Good luck! Pick a Bengal or two – did you see how hot they looked the other night?

  4. Hang on, hang on a sec…I’m going to hand the phone off to my husband here, he can understand what you are saying so much better…

    I’ll never tell him about a blog fantasy league. The other two are fun enough I think.

    Anyway…back to Wonder Pets…

  5. Girly hippie nonspelling bee champ.

    That’s me.

    I opted for Goat Cheese Pizza and sulfite free wine.

    I’m so not kidding.

  6. I have plenty of Crown and I think I better find out who is still playing this game we call football. Who is that guy from the Houston Oilers again?

  7. I am nervous. I invariably get drunk and draft Mike Vick in the 2nd round. “He’s so freaking fast. I love him and I love all you guys. Your blogs are the best!” To prevent that I got a buddy helping me out, so maybe soberer heads will prevail.

  8. I don’t understand fantasy football. not at all. but I will tell you this: Drew Bennett of the Tenn. Titans is one of the nicest guys in the world (grew up with him) and Ken Dorsey of the 49ers is really fricking funny (baby sat him. I call him, to this day, Kenny)

  9. My team rocks.

    I am drunk.

    The house is trashed because I didn’t even pay attention to the kids while I drafted.


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