Three Reasons You Might Not Want to Take Two Year Olds to Your Doctor Appointment

1) One or both of them might run around the waiting room saying “I’m a monkey! Oooh ooooh aaaah aaaah!”

2) When you are changing into the blue gown in the examining room, one of them may yell (really loudly) “What are you doing Mommy? Do you have to poop?”*

3) One of them might leave while you are trying to pay.

* Just so you know, I usually don’t take off my pants and shirt when I go to the bathroom. I have no idea what that was all about.

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    this is exactly why I beg one of my inlaws to watch the children. though I did take the 3 1/2 yr old heathen with to my appt about depression. he helped a lot. really.

    love the monkey stuff though.

  2. LOL!

    Aren’t kids special… remember when we wished they would start talking.

  3. Mine yelled while me feet were up in the stirrups, “Mommy You have boogies in your vagina!”

  4. I nearly busted a gut with the poop line and then you top it off with the explanation. You make my day, Sarah.

  5. I recently went with my friend as she took her 2 girls to the doctor. I held the baby and bascially briibed her with my cell phone and digital camera so she wouldn’t cry while her older daughter made it her lifes goal to bust out of the joint. I can’t imagine how hard life must be when you are the one getting checked out. I probably wouldn’t have wondered about the poop comment if there wasn’t the explanation at the end. Then I just had to laugh that you felt the need to explain.

  6. I took my almost 2 yr old and 3 1/2 yr old to my doctor. I was visiting for several reasons, one being my migraines. One was hanging from my legs trying to fall off the step stool, the other trying to talk over me and the doctor. The doctor said he thought he could see why I have so many headaches. I left that office with a plethora of med for preventing headaches and treating headaches.

    So, sometimes the little buggers can be helpful in helping Mommy score some good drugs!

    Totally there with you on the loudly declaring embarrasing things and the bolting out the door. It’s either bring the cumbersome double-stroller or let them take over the joint!

  7. Oh how I love your kids.

  8. Oh have I ever been there, done that. I got this wonderful idea to take all of my kids to the doctor with me during one of my appointments when I was pregnant with my youngest. I thought they would all love to hear the heartbeat. They so didn’t care about the heartbeat. They were just interested in all of the fun things to play with. I spent the whole time yelling at them to put stuff down and chasing them through the lobby as I tried to make my next appointment. They’re all lucky to still be alive. :)

  9. Don’t you take your shirt off like George from Seinfeld?

  10. Sounds like way too much fun for me.

  11. You’re very brave taking them in the first place! Of course, if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have had the great post material. I guess I should be more daring and brave new adventures like appointments with doctors. Or maybe I’ll wait until they can talk so I’ll have more to write about.

  12. Well at least if he is a monkey, you’re in the right place, what with all the doctors who can figure out how to treat the condition and all.

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