While Watching a Commercial for “Dancing With the Stars”


Gabe: Just let it go.

Sarah: You know I can’t.

Gabe: I just don’t want to get sucked in to watching “Dancing With the Stars”.

Sarah: I can’t help it. I’m sorry. I want to see Emmitt Smith dance.

Gabe: I’m going to bed.

Emmitt Smith

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  1. I’m with Gabe.
    I mean, I’m not WITH Gabe in bed……but I philosophically agree with Gabe.
    Gabe is in bed alone.
    Unless you are there now.
    And if so then I really don’t want to be there.
    I don’t like you like that.
    I’m all confused.
    And GOOD GOD don’t watch Dancing with the Stars even if we all DO go to bed.

  2. Im with Gabe (not in an opinion way, but in a gay sex with him way)

  3. I know you’re a football kinda gal, and thus the interest in Emmitt Smith dancing, but since you’re also into sports — did you hear about the NY Islanders’ goalie Rick DiPietro? Signing for a 15 YEAR CONTRACT? Insanity!!!

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments, already in progress.

  4. I have to agree with Gabe as well…

    And… I have to admit… knowing you’re watching that… has made me lose a little respect for you…

    I’m kidding… maybe…

  5. Ah what? Dancing with… Is Gabe okay? Did he make it out of the room before it started? We need proof of life!

  6. It wasn’t even on yet. I don’t know when it comes on. We may or not actaully watch it, but I’m morbidly curious.

    Gabe also told me once (the first time we saw that Smith was going to be on the show) that if I watch it “They win.”

  7. Sarah.
    Don’t let them win.
    Just go about your life normally…….NORMALLY DAMMIT.

  8. Um…is anyone here? No? Good. Ok – I watched. Both nights. I saw Emmitt dance on Tuesday night and he was…how shall I put this in polite company? F’in good. Surprisingly good. The man can dance. And not an Icky Shuffle kind of dance either. Real, honest to goodness, light on his feet dance.

    Ok – I’ll, um, leave my manhood at the door now.

  9. Two words: Jerry Rice.

    I watched. I have no remorse. I also have no shame.

  10. Emmitt ROCKS! I am not ashamed. Then again, I also opened up a new bottle of wine for both Big Brother finale and Supernova. Maybe I just like an excuse to drink!!

  11. Oh, come on! You know you really want to watch Joey Lawrence 😉

  12. Okay, I loved Jerry Rice last season and now? With Emmitt? Even better. He can totally dance (sadly so can Mario Saved by the Bell) and they take it so seriously, it’s impossible not to root for them.

    I didn’t watch the very first season of this show but I’ve become addicted.

    My name is Jenny and I love Dancing With the Stars.

    wow, i feel better already.

  13. I LOVE that show. Emmitt Smith was amazing.

  14. Is anyone else freaked out by the lack of hair on Joey’s head? It freaked me out.

    Aaron nearly threw up when I told him to tivo it. In fact, I think he refused.

  15. So…… can he dance?

  16. Well I’m with YOU And Devra, Jill, Jenny, and Mrs. Davis. I watch…I love…I have no shame. I know who the cool kids are now. BTW, my kids? They’re with Gabe.

  17. Emmitt can move…no lie. And it doesn’t look like he’s super uptight about it. He just does it. I swear he’s laughing during the judging part.

    As I said in my (lame) reacap, he might be my dark horse to win it (if you forgive the expression)

    Jerry Rice was weak (on the show) in my opinion. No comparison…other than that they were both men…and frmr NFL players……and black.

  18. He CAN dance! Who’d a thunk it? And He won, too!

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