Randomness Part 50

The Blogfathers have given me respect by choosing me for the Goomah for September. Go over there today and read why I think it’s cool to be a dad.

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This is my 50th “Randomness” post. Wow. I also hit another milestone recently; akismet has caught over 1000 spam messages in my comments. What makes this amazing, is I’ve only had akismet since June 24th of this year. That is 1000 spam comments in less than three months. That is a lot of links to anal sex, low airfare and cialis!

While I am thinking about it, I would like to make this public service announcement: I have several friends and family members who have blogs on myspace. I just want you all to know the reason I don’t link to you is because you have to be a member of myspace to read the blogs and I think that is fascist. If you move over to another host, please let me know and I’ll link you up right away.

Can anyone tell me what the USF Beef Squad is, and why so many people are searching for it?

Speaking of USF, I want everyone to know that I will be missing the UCF/USF game on Saturday due to a birthday party. (Not that I could watch it here anyway without paying through the teeth for the special college sports pack on DirecTV.) If it were one of my regular friends I would ditch them, but since this particular friend is turning two I figure The Squad and I should show up. Anyway, if you are in Florida and get the Sunshine Network, go root for UCF to win on Saturday. They need all the help they can get.

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  1. Google says the Beef Squad is three slutty cowgirls, or so I gathered from the first link.

  2. GO BULLS!
    Again, My marching team is better than your marching team!!

  3. I got an email — IN MY WORK ACCOUNT NO LESS — that asked me if I wanted to chop wood with my cock. Not only does this sound ill advised under any circumstance, but pretty damn painful. I’m going to go with the “Shoot fountains of sperm.”

  4. Beef Squad. That sounds kinda scary to me.

  5. I meant to congratulate you a while ago when I saw your name listed. Great post! Good job for being ‘a part of the family’!! You totally deserve it:-)

  6. Congrats Goomah!

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