I Heart Dad Gone Mad This Much

I’ve actually had this shirt for a while, but I wanted to do something intersting. I thought maybe I would wait until I could get a picture of me in my fly Dad Gone Mad t-shirt in front of the Washington Monument or something cool like that.

Then I realized I never go downtown.

And I’m not very clever.

So yesterday I decided to try to get a picture of me in my DGM shirt in my natural element.

Sarah Drving in Dad Gone Mad Shirt

I took exactly 117 pictures of myself, most of them were on the way to the grocery store. Some were IN the grocery store, but I think people were getting nervous about the crazy lady with the twins taking pictures of herself in front of the beer cooler. Most either weren’t in focus, I wasn’t even in them or you couldn’t see the shirt. But some came out okay.

DGM Shirt Sarah

This one too:

Sarah Dad Gone Mad Shirt

The Goon Squad also reads DGM. Well, okay they can’t technically read yet. I read it to them. Especially posts like this. Here, Ian models the back:

Ian DGM back

Claudia doesn’t find Danny very witty. She thinks he uses too much “blue” material. She is kind of uppity. Here she can be seen scowling at me:

Claudia Dad Gone Mad Shirt

So if you don’t already read Dad Gone Mad (which I’m sure you all do, except maybe my Mom, and that’s too bad, because she would really appreciate it) go read him, and buy a shirt or else.

Claudia crying in her Dad Gone Mad Shirt

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  1. Are you wearing lipstick in that second photo? You look stunning in the top photo. The squad, as always, played their roles perfectly.

  2. Claudia looks very menacing in that photo, like she’s going to brain you with her handheld if you don’t go read Dad Gone Mad.

  3. Alison – Yes. I pulled out lipstick specifically for the photo shoot.

    LM – It is very possible. You should probably go read him immediately – just in case.

    Oh – and I tried to put both of the twins in the shirt, but their heads wouldn’t both fit through the neck hole. And it really pissed Claudia off.

    (shocked face)

  4. I’ve actually MET DGM and I think I scared him.

  5. I love DGM. I should really get a shirt.

  6. I’m downtown… you could have met me for lunch.

    I don’t have a DGM tee shirt though. :(

  7. Do you have highlights? You look great in the pictures!

  8. I am cracking up over here imagining you walking around a grocery store taking pictures of yourself… That’s almost funnier than the shirt girl!

  9. My site doesn’t have shirts. Can you just write “Honea Express” on your forehead for me? You can use the lipstick.

  10. Thanks so much for the comment and since I’m at the end of yesterday’s post I’ll go a little longer than I would normally–my brother just moved to D.C. (my husband and I lived there 14 years ago) and we were telling him about this fabulous sandwich shop we used to go to over on Connecticut in Kensington called Continental Pizza and Subs. The best steak and cheese I’ve ever encountered at great price. Our mouths still water thinking about them and I keep telling him to go check and see if the place is still there. I need him to Fedex me one. Can you tell my life is too centered on food? So if you’re ever in that part of the city . . . check it out and tell me if it’s still there.

  11. THis is so cute. And your babies are freakin’ beautiful.

  12. Look at you, whoring yourself out to Dad Gone Mad! Where’s the Cheeky’s Hideaway t-shirt?

  13. You’re HOT! 😀

  14. Excellent DGM photo spread!

  15. DGM rocks. I love that you put the twins in the shirts too!!

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