What We Did this Morning (Instead of Watching TV)

Blogger Playgroup

Apparently Ian didn’t feel like it was necessary to wear pants even though we had company.

Do these other kids look familiar to you? They might. They are Shepherd and Mia. (also see Mia.) I made the mistake of taking this picture at the end of the morning if you think these kids (and by these kids I mean my kids. The other two were charming the whole time) look grumpy.

I had a really good time with these four and Beth and Corinne, and even though it is Friday the 13th Ian didn’t bite anyone. He did eat a lot of Mia’s food though, so maybe he was just full.

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  1. Hooray for playdates.

  2. Oooohhh you met Beth and Mia? I am sooo jealous. And pants are highly overrated when you are two.

  3. That looks like fun. I wanna come next time! Or, you can all stop by Minnesota, if it’s not too far out of the way….

  4. I almost never feel it necessary to wear pants, but these pesky administrators keep me in check 😉

    cute kids, btw

  5. SO VERY,VERY JEALOUS. *sniff*

  6. Yeah, it doesn’t matter what the age, pants are always highly over rated.

    Very cute!

  7. So, now you’ve practiced, will you come over and watch my quads for a bit? 😉

    I don’t think they look grumpy at all, though, just adorable..

  8. Melissa stole my line. Pants are overrated.

  9. Ditto on all of the comments about the pants. You can tell who your true friends are from who tolerates you pants-less.

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