Randomness Part 55

Rob’s kids posed for the funniest ultrasound picture I have ever seen.

Help Screech!
(Thanks Mark – Mark seems to have a lot of information on Dustin Diamond, don’t you think?)

Do you guys tip the person who washes you hair at the salon? I never know what is appropriate.

Is anybody getting rid of a sectional couch? We need one for downstairs.

I don’t mean to harp on this, bus seriously, why does Carlos Mencia have a show? He is not funny.

Carlos Mencia not funny

See? I told you.

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  1. Usually the person who washes my hair is the same one who cuts it at the place I go to, so I only have to leave one tip. As for the sectional, I know of someone who is getting rid of one, but she lives in California, so will not help you. Have you tried Craigs list? I have never been on that site, but I have friends who swear by it.

  2. Gee Scott an Nik were getting rid of theirs, but since it’s in Zephyrhills and their dog used to pee on it all the time, it doesn’t seem like such a good deal to me, at least not for you.
    BTW – Scott (husband) gave me that Backdoor Friends graphic because he remembered you telling that story about the sign at your relative’s house.

  3. Not only is he not funny, he’s incredibly racist and gets away with it since he’s a minority.
    I’m Hispanic and he even offends me.

  4. Nope…Mencia is not funny. At all. And Screech has a porn flick coming out. Scary.

  5. Thanks for the link! Would you like the full blown version of the ultrasound?

  6. That truly is the funniest ultrasound pic. It’s great!

    The girl that washes my hair also cuts it. She owns her own “studio” which is really a room the size of my bathroom that has a sliding glass door to get in to it. And her “studio” is one of many “studios” in a big warehouse looking place. I’m sure she’d just love the fact that I’m referring to her business in quotes. 😉 So, what I’m trying to say is, as usual, I have no advice on the matter, but instead offer you this rambling comment.

  7. I tip everyone for everything. Lots and lots. Especially the bartender. Pay it forward.

  8. 1. Great ultrasound photo

    2. Screech = sad

    3. I leave a tip in an envelope at the reception desk when I pay and let them sort it out. So I guess I have no idea if I tip the shampooer or not.

    4. I have neither a sectional couch nor any clue about Mr. Mencia. Sorry. But Nancy Grace has a show, and she’s not funny. Does that help?

  9. PLEASE tip the person who washes your hair! They’re paid less because it’s consdered a “tipped wages” job, like waiters. A couple bucks at minimum, more if they’re doing the washing x 6 thing when you’re getting your hair colored. Good karma either way.

    And lumpyhead’s mom: I saw Nancy Grace at that Greenstone Media party a few weeks ago.She’s made some plastic surgeon a very happy man.

  10. OMG that is hilarious!

  11. The shampoo girl at my salon has a tip jar back in the washroom. Before everyone leaves they walk back and stick a fiver (or thereabouts) in the jar. I think it means a lot to her.

    I used to think Carlos Mencia was vaguely funny but he got old really quickly. I wanted him to be the Hispanic Dave Chappelle, but he’s not even close.

  12. I’ve always been a little unclear about how much to tip the shampooer at the salon, too. Usually I give $2 or $3, depending on whether they scrubbed so hard it gave me a headache or not.

  13. I want someone to wash my hair. That would be nice.

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  1. […] The commercials pretty much sucked. Have I mentioned that Carlos Mencia isn’t funny? I addition to not being funny, why does Bud Light think that it is okay for him to be a racist just because he was born in Honduras? Speaking of Bud Light making bad decisions – the commercial where everyone was slapping the crap out of each other seems like a good way to get kids into violence. Oh – the lovely Mommybloggers are featuring me this week, so go read where cool people are saying nice things about me. Speaking of the Mommybloggers, I have to go write an essay for them. Apparently, if they honor you, they also assign you homework. * As Devra put it so eloquently in an e-mail – “Don’t know about you but I found Dungy’s comment about how being African American pales historically to being a Christian and playing the game “God’s way”. I wonder how his God feels about him working on the Sabbath? […]