…and then I was so excited that my head exploded.

ipod nano

Remember when I told you that I won (okay, technically Erin won it for me) an iPod on Blingo?Here it is. Isn’t it beautiful?

I love it so much that I could cry.
ipod nano 2

Look at how little and cute it is!

I’m sorry. I’ll shut up about it now. But I can’t hang around and talk. I’ve got to go figure out how the hell you use one of these here new fangled contraptions.

It holds 500 songs. Any suggestions on what I should listen to first?

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  1. Duh. METALLICA! Just don’t forget to safety pin your jeans. :)

  2. Yeah. The CD you got in the mail this morning from me!

  3. Congrats…I think you should get “Whitesnake on a Plane” in there first!

  4. holy cow, that’s so awesome!

    that picture of the nano box persuaded me to finally join blingo. (i’m getting ready to sell a bunch of cds to get the $$ to buy a nano.)

    be sure to put Jordy on your ipod!

  5. ooooh, pretty!

  6. I have been trying to win something ever since you posted that and I’m coming up with nuthin’!


    But congratulations. I’m riddled with jealousy.

  7. The downside of owning an Ipod is figuring out WHAT to listen to first. It’s been a continuous battle for me!

    And tell the people at blingo to give me some free stuff too. I’m a loyal blingo searcher. You’re killing me with your winning free stuff self. I’m bulging with envy.

  8. Ohhh you will love it and wonder how you lived without it very shortly. Congrats. It is sooo pretty.

  9. Download the album “MTV unplugged” by Mana and you’ll love it. Notice I said download, not buy, since my mission in life nowadays is to screw to music and movie companies as much as I can.

    Nice weekend


  10. Very pretty indeed :) Mine’s different, it’s not so small and neat, but it’s a U2 ipod and I love it to bits.. And they say I could never fill it with the 5000 songs it can take, but I’ve passed 3000 and haven’t put all my cds in yet…

  11. Well, shucks, that qualifies as a Love Thursday!!

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