So I said “Don’t lick the pumpkin!”

…and then I took a picture.

Ian licking pumpkin

I’ll have more pumpkin/jack o lantern pictures up on flickr later, but while we’re on the subjects of things that nobody should ever have to say, the other night I was giving twins a bath and when I was trying to explain why they shouldn’t consume their bath water I said the following out loud – “You don’t really want to drink anything your butt has been in.”

It is true. I know I don’t want to drink anything my butt has been in.

Oh, and yesterday The Goon Squad decided that they liked each other a lot. Well, either that or they realized that when they hug I make a huge deal out of it and take pictures.

hug Which leads me to the third thing I said this week that I never thought would come out of my mouth.

“No! You guys are NOT hugging. You are going to bed.”

Yes, I went in to check on them when they were supposed to be sleeping and they were standing in the middle of their room. I heard Claudia say “Let’s play ring around the rosie.”

I said “No ring around the rosie. It’s time for bed.” That is when they pulled the “We can’t go to bed. We’re hugging.” and they gave each other a big hug and grinned up at me.

Nice try Squad. It was a good effort, but I’m on to you two.

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  1. My mom is sitting next to me dying at how cute and big they’ve gotten!

  2. I think the bath water explanation was good. Drinking out of anything your butt has been in is gross. I’ll have to remember it for future reference.

  3. “We can’t go to bed. We’re hugging.”?? They are getting too smart.

  4. Oh man, I wish I’d know that butt one a few years ago. Maya loved to drink bath water at two years old.

    I love the picture oh Ian licking the pumpkin. I can only imagine how gross it must taste. I bet you could write down every weird thing you say to them for the next two years you could write a few books.

  5. Don’t you secretly walk away all warm and fuzzy? I mean, they are TOTALLY manipulating you, but it’s so dang cute!

    The butt one? Niiiiice.

  6. I have said a lot of things to my kids, but I don’t think “You guys are NOT hugging. You are going to bed,” has ever come out of my mouth. Hilarious!

  7. I’m trying to think of something my butt may have been in that I would like to drink. Nope. Can’t think of anything, and I’m grossing myself out a little bit. I think it’s a truism for the ages, honestly. I plan to pass on this tidbit.

  8. Holy crap, the cuteness slays me… :) And we totally haven’t carved our pumpkin yet… we’re a bunch of slackers over here. We must get together sometime soon…

  9. Ah, Sarah(Confucius)says Do not drink of the water that has touched the butt. Sage advice from a true scholar.

  10. Yes, I am also remembering that phrase about water and the butt. Mine seems to have stopped trying to drink it lately, but you never know when she might start again. Plus, babies might pee in their bath water. I try to potty her before but who knows?

  11. “Don’t drink anything your butt has been in” is probably the best motherly advice of all time.

  12. They are adorable! My duo tries that “we’re hugging” tactic to delay bedtime and have recently gotten into hugging battles to see who can push the other over as they hug.

    My latest OH NO, I’ve become my mother moment was just this morning when I said, “Don’t you NO ME!” It was like buzzers going off around me saying YOU DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT! Scary!

  13. Frank Sucks says:

    How can you let your kids wear that Bucs stuff? Even the Raiders are better then the Bucs.

  14. There is a long list of things I have said, as a parent, that I never would have considered before. Sentences in which I previously knew all of the words, but somehow never anticipated that they would leave my mouth in quite that order.

    “Hand me that piano,” is my current favorite.

  15. Oooh, I just HATE it when my kids pull that “we love each other” crap to get out of something! Little manipulators. YOU DON’T LOVE EACH OTHER YOU LITTLE LIARS!

    Uh. Not that I’ve ever really *said* that, of course.

  16. I proferred this over the weekend when we were at a hotel restaurant: “Yes I do have a wenis. Yes, you are correct I actually two of them and so does daddy, but I prefer not to discuss it right now where other guests may not know what you are talking about and might not understand.”

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