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Today I’m doing something new. I am participating in The Blog Exchage. Today the subject was open letters. The letter posted here is from my new friend J’s Mommy from Another Mommy Moment. You can read my open letter to Noggin over at her place.


Dear Toy Packaging Pricks,

This letter is to express concern about your mental health. You must be crazy to think that securing a toy in a box wrapped tighter than a corset is a good idea. Why must you make everything so difficult to open?

My daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday this week and in between squeals of excitement were tears of frustration. She waited patiently as I, her mother, tried to pry off twisty things, cut through plastic, and break apart random cardboard. Eventually, she broke down as I tried to wrestle her brand new Little People free from their chains.

Why do you feel the need to torture parents of toddlers? Do you sit in a room and cackle at the thought of anxious moms breaking a sweat while trying to extract a new toy from its package? Does it make you giddy to know that we are silently cursing you nutjobs?

I’ve got a brilliant idea for you ~ Zip Lock bags!

J’s Mommy

Bio: J’s Mommy is a crazed mom of one little girl and another on the way. In her spare time, which is never, she loves to shop and read trashy tabloid magazines. You can read more about her at Another Mommy Moment

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  1. You bought midgets for your kids? Damn. You’re the coolest mom ever.

  2. Spot on. I also object to anything that’s wrapped in that pressed sealed stiff plastic blister pack stuff that absolutely requires scissors to cut through- seriously? Do you want me to use your product or not?

  3. god I hate that.

    Seriously. it’s like breaking someone out of prison!

  4. I think Chris wins the award for the Blog Exchange best comment of the day :)

  5. Oh yeah! I know your pain. Could you add my name on that petition?

  6. Seriously, it’s like they package the toys to go around the world 3 times! I’ve taken to taking toys out of their boxes before I wrap them for my kids. Of course I still have the same problem with toys that my boys get as presents.

  7. I would laugh except I sort of want to cry since it’s true. More than once I have grumbled “toys do not need to be hermetically sealed” through clenched teeth.

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