Claudia’s Mr. T. Starter Kit

I pity the fool that tries to take away this girl’s measuring spoons.

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  1. have fun with izzy tonight!!!!!!! kiss her for me!

  2. What, no mohawk?

  3. OMG that is hilarious!!!!!

  4. i LOVE it!

  5. How cute and hilarious. What I always wonder with your entries and photos is…who is the really big character? You or the kids? or is it not mutually exclusive. 😉

    I wonder because I always say my kids have Big Personalities and it’s very true.

    But the apple doesn’t fall from from the tree, in our case. :)

  6. HA! Add Sparkly sunglasses and you’s have MY daughter!

  7. Clever, clever masthead. Cute child, too.

  8. Ahhh, starting a new A-Team, huh?

  9. I love it when a plan comes together.

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