But O, Sick Children of the World

I awoke to the sound of a single gag.

Is there something hormonal that happens when you become a mother that affects your hearing? I can sleep through a sonic boom (living in Florida you get used to the Space Shuttle re-entering the atmosphere) but I can hear a child vomiting from across the hall and immediately be wide awake.

So anyway, we’re home and Ian is sick. Already.

I’m taking bets now on how long it will take Claudia to get sick. Anyone?

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  1. That is motherhood for you. Meanwhile my husband can sleep right through it. My little one has been up with crazy high temps, went to Dr and it is an ear infection. Hopefully Claudia won’t get it. Although that is impossible right? I feel your pain.

  2. 12 hours. Maybe 24. But I say 12.

  3. “Fell better, you bastard!” This is written in my best Vyvyan voice.

  4. Ha! I almost called this post “Feel Better You Bastard”, but I didn’t think everyone would get it, and they might think I was a bad person.

  5. I’m with the Queen. And to answer your question: mothers have selective hearing too. I can sleep through Thomas’ incessant chatter at 6 a.m. but a gag sound would get me up in a nanosecond.

  6. I love that you linked to quotes from one of my favorite shows of all time…

    I sleep through anything but the intercom in SF’s room.

  7. Two days…definitely 2 days. The question is…how long until you get sick?

  8. 17 hours 45min I bet she doesn’t want to be left out of the loop so to speak

  9. I’ll take three days.

  10. 1 1/2 days… tops.

    And I must add this line… always worked in college: What we need is a large consignment of very hard drugs.

  11. My twins are usually about 6-12 hours apart in commencing all illnesses. And I get to be about 12 hours after the second kid 😉 Good luck!

  12. Are you starting a pool? I’m in. I’ll go with 27 hours.

  13. 3:26 am you will again awake to the sound of vomiting.

  14. This has already been said but my guess is 24 hours. And I am hoping you are not sick by day 3.

  15. I’m going to be the optimist here and say that Claudia may not get sick at all (I’d say she definitely won’t but I don’t want to jinx her). It’s happened with my twins. Fingers crossed…

  16. I say 7 hours. I miss “The Young Ones”

  17. Five bucks says inside of 24 hours.

  18. Within 24 hours.

    Mine are trading bronchitis as we speak.



  19. That SICK episode actually makes me a little queasy…

  20. Claudia will be fine. You and Gabe? Look. Out.

  21. If you are lucky, maybe none of you will catch it. Lately we have been good about not passing things around. Thank goodness, or I would think the police would be knocking on my door from how much school they would miss if they all passed each thing around! My kids get sick so often that I have the school nurse on my “free favorites” list on my cell phone. That’s sad, right? I hope you all are feeling great soon and that no one else catches it (especially not you!)

  22. I don’t take sucker bets.

  23. I say the minute the first one get’s well, Claudia will get sick. Isn’t that the way it usually works?

  24. Alas, I sleep lite, too. And less.

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