Tattle Tale

When we were at my parents house I was trying to get the kids really talking.

I said “Tell Grandma and Grandpa where we go grocery shopping.”
In a perfectly clear full sentance Claudia said “We go to the wine store”.

Thanks a lot for ratting me out.


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  1. My kid loves the Virginia state store and when I tell her where we’re going, she starts chanting “Liquor store! Liquor store!”

    I so have that 2006 Mother of the Year award SEWN UP.

  2. We take our daughter to the wine store almost every weekend. (my hubs makes the stuff too) We must be in a tie for Mom of the Year….Or we are having just way too much fun!?! I go for the latter over the former argument.

  3. Too funny. My son is always asking for cocktails. He has taken a liken to cocktails ever since he saw my pretty blue mojito in Charleston at a party.

  4. Just count your lucky stars you can go to the wine store with kids in tow. Here they won’t let you in the door if you’re under 21, not even babies!

  5. Surely your mom said, “Cool. Can I come?”

  6. At least she’s honest!

  7. My little brother once ratted my mom out after she got pulled over. The cop asked what color the light was and baby bro excitedly offered up the answer: “red”!

    Oh, kids. The darndest things.

  8. hee hee…. If you ask my daughter (she’s 2) What’s Daddy? she promptly replies. “A Pollock!” and if you ask her And what’s Mommy? she says “A Canuck!” LOL!

  9. Overheard at MCI Center:

    Little Guy to Vendor: Excuse me, Mommy need a beer.

  10. When I asked my three year old what his favorite food was….he said, “hot sauce and wine.” Nice, huh?

  11. I love it!
    When Adam was younger he was the ubber host.

    He would get everyone to sit down and then offer them beer!

  12. I like that. Ooohhh and I really like the wine store. 😉

  13. ha ha!

    jesus. i’m gonna be in trouble in a few years…

    have you seen the book from Northern California entitled:

    “That Funny Green Flower That Mommy Smokes” ?

    heh heh

  14. She’d fit into my family juuuuust fine.

  15. That’s too funny!!

  16. At least she never yelled “Mommy can’t come right now, she’s shaving her penis!”

  17. I came here through Karen’s page – and that’s hysterical lol! Little kids are so cute.

  18. BwahaHahahahaha!
    Too funny!

  19. Ha! I love this! She’s so cute, but yeah…not cool, ratting you out to Grandma!

  20. Beats…
    Well looks like you go toToysRUs quite a lot, to make you happy… Say Grandpa….(Fatherin law)

    ‘Noooooooo Papa……… We go to the wine store alot!!!!!!!!!!!! We go to ToysRUs sometimes….

  21. Kids are so funny!

  22. It could have been worse – I’ll Tell Grandma…

    Of course, I think the story that links too is an urban myth. But it’s still funny.

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