And the best game you can name…

Since I started Sarah and the Goon Squad a year and a half ago I have met several friends through blogging. On Monday I went to a meeting where I had the pleasure of meeting Aviva, Elisa, Heather B., and Mary.

Not even including all of the people I met in San Jose at BlogHer ’06, I have had the pleasure of meeting this guy, and her, and her, and her, and her. When I was in Florida I went out drinking with these people and I’ve become such good friends with these two that sometimes I forget I knew their blogs before I knew them.

I don’t even know WHAT to say about her, excpet that she has become not only a good friend, but also my IT person.

Tomorrow is going to take the cake. Nancy, who I only met briefly at BlogHer is taking me to a hockey game. Woo Hoo! We are going to go see the Caps play the Flyers. (As Erin said “You get to see Ovenchicken live in person!”, yes she calls him Ovenchicken and it cracks me up every single time.)

So anyway, if you happen to be watching the game tomorrow night and see something that looks kind of like this (but replace Izzy with Nancy) it is probably us.

I’m telling you I love this interweb. It has been a really great way to meet friends, even if it is kind of embarrassing to admit to non-bloggers that you met on the internet.

(No Devra, I am not forgetting you. Remember I met you through Becky first.)

(And yes, it took me an hour to add all those links. I love you people.)

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  1. Dude, tell me about it… I’m so embarrassed to tell my mom that I’ve met people of the internet… she’s like, “What if they’re stalkers??” *rolls eyes* Anyways… are you bringing Doritos next friday???? Because I’m totally gonna bring some Krispy Kreme… because, you know, we don’t eat enough around the holidays.

  2. awww. . . We love you, too.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. We’re going to have such a good time tomorrow night! And hopefully we’ll see number 8 score some good goals and beat the living daylights out of the Flyers. LET’S GO CAPS!!!

  4. And it’ll took DAYS to read all the links!

  5. I love hockey… just remember what my Dad always says: “You have to be stupid to get hit by a hockey puck.”

    A year later, he got it with a hockey puck… one must savor the irony.

  6. Wish I could go tomorrow night, but I AM going on New Year’s Day! C-A-P-S Caps! Caps! Caps!

  7. Bloglove.

  8. You’ve met a lot of people. I’ve met two.

    Enjoy the hockey game. Hockey’s my favorite sport.

  9. aww shucks, that was nice. Now, if only we could actually find time to hang out. Good thing we didn’t make plans for this week because the kids are currently on the following medications: decongestant, nasal spray, drops for pink eye, nebulizer and amoxicillian (if the boy doesn’t get better). oh, and we’re leaving for FL tomorrow morning. Good times!

    You make me want to blog more, you’ve met some cool people. 😀

    I find myself saying “This blog I read said blah blah blah” and my friends look at me like I’m nuts. They’re missing out! Thanks for writing.

  10. Add my mom to the list of “what if they’re stalkers??” askers. Enjoy the game, there’s nothing like seeing Philly Phans in person! Let’s go Flyers!

  11. Happy birthday, too, eh!

  12. I’ll be hanging out with you at BlogHer next summer, because you can introduce me to everybody else! Say Hi to Nancy for me, ‘kay??

  13. Are you a Caps fan?! I actually know their old head coach, Ron Wilson. I was roommates with his daughter in college. He’s in San Jose now.

    I’ve only met one virtu-friend. I’d love to meet more, but most are so far away! Maybe Blogher ’07…..

  14. Seriously. Those folks could be really weird you know. Stalkish and everything.

    So…best of luck with that.

    HA. You know I loves me some interwebbyness when meeting people. Like flying across the country. Driving for 4 hours through Chicago traffic. Uh huh. I’d do it in a heartbeat. People are sooooo cool.

    You are one of the coolest. Wait… let me think. Umm. You pretty much top the list. Yeah, that’s right.

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Belated thank you. We’re finally back only to be going back to SC on Thursday.

  17. What kind of meeting was it (on the previous Monday that you mentioned in this post)? I live in the area, too (Alexandria) and I’m interested in finding out where the bloggers are meeting up. :)

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