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I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial, but why didn’t anyone tell me how cool Netflix was? Or did you and I just wasn’t listening? Either way, my friend Melissa got me a gift subscription for my birthday and I got three movies in the mail today. So tonight instead of doing laundry, paying attention to my kids or watching more reruns of Top Chef (Why do we even like that show? I am addicted to it and I can’t explain it.) I will be watching either “The Boondock Saints”, “The Salton Sea” or the first disc of the first season of “Twin Peaks”.

I don’t know if I will renew or not after my two months are up, but assuming I don’t, what movies (or tv shows) would you watch if you only had a short time?

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  1. I would watch Garden State or Anchorman.

    Then I would watch West Side Story and Rent.

    Go. Now.

    And enjoy.

  2. Oh you’ll renew. I said the same thing 16 months ago. You’ll renew.

  3. TV: “Deadwood”
    Movie: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” “An Inconvient Truth”

    And I agree with Kbee… you will renew. There’s no escaping it… its a friggin’ great service.

  4. NOW WAIT A COTTON-PICKING MINUTE!!! Matt & I told you about Netflix YEARS ago (when we lived in Deerpath years ago) and you scoffed at us! So at this point, I would like to take the opportunity to say, “TOLD YOU SO”.

  5. I vote for “The Salton Sea” as Val Kilmer is always yummy.

  6. Have you been fake reading my blog? I only post about netflix like every day!

  7. Netflix rules. We have movies sitting around from early October and nobody cares. Renew it!

    Roger, she’s a skimmer.

  8. I agree with Garden State, it was my top movie for 2004.

    Here are some of my movies of the year.
    2000 Almost Famous
    Semi Autobiographical movie of Cameron Crowe’s childhood. Music, bands, groupies and Rolling Stones what more do you need?

    2001 Amelie
    She will change your life.

    2002 Whale Rider
    We liked this movie so much we actually considered naming a child Paikea.

    2003 In America
    The kids in this movie are so cute.

    2004 Garden State
    What a soundtrack!

    2005 Crash
    I know it technically came out in 2004 but I saw it in early 05 and it and Garden State both deserve a spot on this list.

    2006 Brick
    A different kind of “High School Movie”. Best dialog ever.

    Some others.
    Band of Brothers
    A serious investment in time but well worth it.

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Jim Carrey in a good movie?

    Sean of the Dead
    Funniest and second best zombie movie ever.

    Bubba Ho-Tep
    Elderly Elvis and black elderly JFK fighting a mummy that sucks the souls out of assess of nursing home patients, what isn’t to love?

    Lost in Translation
    Bill Murray, enough said.

    The Hudsucker Proxy
    You know, for the kids.

    Fantasia 2000

    I know the mouse is the devil but this movie is truly a masterpiece. Beautiful animation and classical music. Your kids will love it.

    Winged Migration
    Who knew watching birds fly around for two hours would be entertaining, your kids will also love it.

    American History X
    Very Powerful

    Bill Murray, enough said.

    Say Anything
    Cameron Crow’s version of the “High School Movie”, best of the breed.

    High Fidelity
    John Cusack and Nick Hornby.

    Cool Hand Luke
    A movie so good even Guns N Roses quoted it.

    28 Days Later
    Best zombie movie ever.

    Not Cameron Crowe’s best work but worth watching, best scene ever set to Freebird.

    Station Agent
    A midget and trains what more do you need?

    Sorry about the length but when you get me going… I started down the Netflix path but ended up purchasing DVD’s. It has turned into quite a problem 225 and counting.

  9. Because of Kbee, I’ve been exposed to things I would have never have seen. Thanks to Netflix for the opportunity. One suggestion, don’t watch Rocket Man. Just not a good movie, I don’t care How much you like Owen Wilson….this ain’t Wedding Crashers

  10. we used to subscribe to the canadian version and it was so so so cool. you just sit there in your house and movies show up at your door. while you’re wearing your jammies and chatting on the phone. so much better than hauling butt to the video store. we no longer subscribe though because we are on a bit of a not interested in renting movies thing. but when we are again… here we come.

  11. We loooove Nexflix – it is about the only way we can see movies here. Also, they are putting the screws to Blockbuster (hate them) so that is an added bonus to using them. I would like to suggest the following movies:

    The Proposition (2005) written by Nick Cave – One of the best movies I have seen, ever.
    Finding Neverland – Johnny Deep, nuf said.
    Mean Girls – I hate Lindsay Lohan, but this movie is hil-arious & worth the time.
    Saved – Bible thumping spoof, again hilarious.
    A South Park Christmas – how can you pass on a musical merry fucking christmas? You can’t. Get it today.

  12. By the way, I agree Beau every movie on his list is worth seeing, yet another reason to keep Netflix.

  13. I’d have to say “Six Feet Under” or “Deadwood.” Best dramatic television out there, hands down.

  14. Aaron even netflixes porn. Zombie porn.

  15. I’m with Lori. I’ve been evangelizing Netflix for years. If you didn’t hear me, you weren’t listening.

    Who knew Beau was a zombie movie fan? Not me & I’ve been respecting his taste in movies for quite some time. Say, Beau, you should start a movie blog.

    A few quirky sleepers you might not have seen: Mumford, State & Maine, Limbo, Men with Guns.

    One more thing: don’t watch Salton Sea until after the kids go to bed. But if you like Salton Sea, check out Lucky #Slevin. It’s not as tight as some of my favorite gangster movies, but it’s worth seeing if you like the genre.

  16. Watching flix from Netflix is what I did night after night after night while nursing my newborn last year. I told everyone about Netflix. It’s good, it’s addictive, it’s (did I say addictive?)

  17. Alaska Andrew says:

    Angie is right about The Proposition. This is NOT a kids movie. In fact, you may need to be 30 to see it. She forgot “Thank You For Smoking.” Hilarious. There is also this little independent movie called Star Wars you might like.
    My only problem with Netflix is the return package is often ripped into tiny little shreds by the cat. Why? Why not!

  18. Netflix kicks ass. It’s changed our life. We don’t even watch real TV anymore. We wait for a season to come out on video.

    Project Runway and Sports Night were our two last series. Also try Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren if you like whodunits

  19. Porn.

    Okay no.

    We love Netflix. The kids do too because we’ve been able to hunt down all of the original movies they are remaking now. So we have movie nights where we watch doublefeatures of the orginal version followed by the remake. We did this with Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, and all of the Herbie movies.

    As for grown up stuff, put “Thank you for not smoking” and “Little Miss Sunshine” on your list of “gotta see’s”

  20. Angie, thanks for the vote of confidence.

    I wouldn’t say I am a zombie movie fan. Just a fan of good movies.

    Oh, I forgot Little Miss Sunshine.

  21. It’s great until you let your husband get in there and choose flicks that you don’t really want to see and the next thing you know a couple of months go past and you’ve paid $35 for the “Gunga Din” that got mixed in with Elmo Potty Training DVDs.

  22. Who is this Beau person and why isn’t he hanging out with me? Some of the best suggestions EVAR from that one!

    I’ll double up on the Garden State and Crash…just for emphasis. And I’m adding in the seasons of Arrested Development! Twice! Because it’s that funny!!

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