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Does it make me a dork if I really want a subscription to Wine Spectator?

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  1. Yes, replacing “dork” with “drunk.”

  2. So long as this doesn’t happen.

  3. I hope not. I had one for a couple of years! Loved it, but it did ruin my love for an evening glass of black box wine. Just warning you…

  4. Speaking as someone who has a subscription; no.

    Though my wife has on occassion called my brother and I Frasier and Niles. The last time she did that, my brother retaliated by calling her Lilith…

  5. I’ll buy a subscription for you if you get one for me.

  6. No, it means that you have good taste and don’t want to drink shit wine.


  7. No.

    …but I’m telling Ritch if you start throwing dinner parties.

  8. No, it might help narrow the choices in that big ass wine store.

  9. It makes you incredibly smart. So, yes. That’s a good thing.

  10. Shit wine? I love shit wine. It’s the only wine I drink.

  11. Speaking as someone with a subscription to Gourmet AND Martha Stewart AND Martha Stewart FOOD……..well……ummm, no.
    It makes you very well adjusted.

  12. We get all of those wine and food magazines. We’re snobs like that.

  13. Oh my goodness I hope not. We have a subscription already. Are we dorky?

  14. No. But it does mean you are old.

  15. Thomas Matthews says:

    As executive editor of Wine Spectator, I think subscribing to the magazine — or even just caring about wine — makes you the kind of person who aims to maximize the pleasure in life by paying attention to the details of what we drink (and eat). What’s dorky about that? Hope you join us!

  16. Yes.
    (Sorry. I’m a total geek, so it’s not really a condemnation)

  17. Given that being a parent often includes being a Whine Spectator, I think treating oneself to another kind of Wine Spectator makes perfect sense.

    And if the Wine Spectator ever wants a parenting expert to review “Mommy’s Time Out” wine, I would be happy to step up up and offer my glass so I can review that wine!

    The Wine Spectator is a fantastic publication.

  18. No.

    (I just re-read the instructions and realized I over-answered.) No. No. A Thousand times no.

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