Randomness Part 60

Check out my new favorite bumper sticker. I stole this from The Zero Boss.

Looky Daddy feels my pain.

In my quest for all things free, I got a Carpet Swiffer. It is actually pretty cool. It won’t replace the vacuum cleaner, but it is nice for touch up work while the kids are sleeping.

I also got this mp3 player. (except mine is the 2GB) Unlike my beloved iPod, it has video capabilities. It is pretty cool. If you were to let’s say go to a BlogHer function in DC and you left your husband home one evening and told him to check it out and then teach you how it works and he hypothetically were to download (upload?) some porn onto it, just to see if you noticed, you would notice that the video quality was quite good.


Also, go check out Indie Bloggers. It is a place where bloggers can showcase their writing even if it doesn’t fit into any neat little categories. It’s pretty cool.

I was serious earlier. If you are raptured can I have all of your cars?

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  1. Come the rapture, my car will be occupied.

  2. Come the rapture, me and my handbasket will be driving to hell – I can give you a ride if you need it.

  3. Love the bumper sticker. Let me know if you actually end up using the video on your new mp3 player. I got the spiffy new Ipod with video and ended up returning it for a Nano since I don’t think I will use the video. Did I make a big mistake?!

  4. So I just spent WAY too much time a)trying to think of people i know who might be eligible for the rapture and b) remembering what kind of car they drive.

    And I’ve come to the conclusion everyone raptured has sucky cars that I don’t want.

  5. Hey, we could probably make some bucks writing Rapture Wills.

  6. Oh hell that is a great site idea…..we gladly accept PAYPAL!

  7. LOVE that bumper sticker! And the carpet swiffer sounds cool, but I got one of those non-electric sweeper things (like what they use in restaurants) a year or so back, to clean up under the high chair. It sound a lot like that, no?

  8. Come the rapture, can I have all your porn?

  9. Oh, yes, do I feel your pain.

    And, no, you can’t have my car.

  10. You can have mine!! Some damn mailbox jumped in my way while I was speeding to school to pick up the kid a couple weeks ago and my poor little mirror is now dangling by a wire. Its really pretty. Promise.

  11. I don’t think you’d want mine – it’s an 11 year old saturn wagon with almost 200,000 miles on it! Plus, I’m not going to be raptured. Love the bumper sticker, though!

    Thanks for the laugh. It’s been one of those days.

  12. Great site – funny post! Found my way here from a link on Cape Buffalo… Love your banner! Very funny.

    And I like the bumper sticker. One of my favorites stickers went something like this, “Plants and Animals are Dying on this earth to make room for your fat ass”. Not that I’m an extreme vegan or something, but I thought it was really funny.

  13. Which one do you want? The beat up Toyota parked permanently in the back yard, the Blazer, the box truck or the Camry? Actually, I’m not much of a dispensationalist – so I’ll probably be stuck here after the rapture too. If you get raptured, I call dibs on your ipod and mp3 player.

  14. How do get free stuff? I want free stuff. Do you want my truck before or after I get the Caribou dents out? Wait, I’ll still be here…no truck for you. Happy new year.

  15. OK, I meant how do YOU get free stuff. Stupid proofreading.

  16. I wasnt that sticker, and I want to put it on the vehicle my mom gave me.

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