My Jeans Went All Def Leppard on Me

Ripped JeansI’m pretty sad about it too. I really liked these jeans.

Is anyone throwing an 80’s metal party anytime soon? I’ve got my costume ready.

I’ll wear these jeans with my Cinderella concert t-shirt that I bought during the “Night Songs” tour.

Yes, it’s signed by the band.

Shut up. I already told you I wasn’t cool. I don’t know why you people don’t just take my word for these things.

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  1. My husband has jeans like that, too, but it never occured to me that they could be metal. I just always look at them and think, ‘Dammit, he is so cheap! Why doesn’t he just buy new jeans???’

  2. Now, I have 2 pairs of unintentional “Def Lep” jeans. This means I AM the DORKIEST of all.

    I love that you blogged about it though. I want to kiss you…tee hee…

  3. Wait wait, you have to add the butt crease hole too! Then you can go “metal slut!”

  4. Love ya like a bomb, babe.

  5. Somehow I hear a Poison song playing in my head all of the sudden….

  6. what you mean ripped jeans aren’t cool???

  7. Yes. I happen to own a pair of those too.
    Let me know when the 80’s hair band party is and I will support or “uncoolness” with you.

  8. Can I wear my jeans with the ass ripped out? I can be the token slut. I’ll tease my bangs and everything.

    YES I’M ARMAGEDDON IT !!!!!!!!

  10. Oh, you guys get the rock outta here.

  11. Don’t quote me on this but I could swear I heard somewhere recently that ripped-in-the-knees jeans are coming back. As long as SOMETHING replaces those hideous jeans of skinny-legged evil, I’ll be happy.

  12. I miss my ripped jeans! Did you ever put safety pins in your jeans to taper them?!

  13. If I throw an 80’s party, will you be here? If so, I will start planning one now.

  14. I’m thinking a pink Hello Kitty Strat would be a perfect accessory right now.

  15. Sounds like its time, once again, for a Leg Warmer’s concert.

  16. Andrew Cremata says:

    Any luck with that pocket-book from the Bon Jovi concert?

  17. Long Cold Winter was a much better album. I have those jeans too 😉

  18. The other end of that spectrum would be slapping a patch over it. 😉

    Or you could just go get some more jeans.

  19. No no no! What you do is get a nice applique with stars and flowers and embroider it over the rip, and you can be a Flower Child. My favorite jeans when I was in college were essentially held together with appliques and patches and star rivets. God, I’m so old.

  20. Every single fricken pair of my jeans look like that. I finally got so sick of it that yesterday I went and bought myself TWO new pairs of jeans. No more 80’s look for me!

  21. I also heard that ripped jeans are coming back. So are pleats–damn.

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