If There are Roaches in my Kid’s Bedroom I Blame “The Upside Down Show”

I don’t have a ton of rules that I am really draconian about. We have the normal ones: no hitting, no biting, no spitting, stuff like that, but in general I wouldn’t consider myself a very strict parent.

Of course, I do have a few things I am strange about.

I don’t let my family wear socks if they have holes in them. That drives me insane. We have a bazillion socks and there is no reason to wear ones with holes in them or ones that don’t match. I can accept it if other mothers do not share my sock neuroses. Your kids can wear whatever they want and it won’t bug me too much. I probably would never even notice if your socks were mismatched or moth-eaten, but it cause for a rule around here.

Another thing that I won’t allow is eating in the bedrooms. Eating in bed is gross. I was in the hospital on bedrest for 41 days, and I had to eat every meal in bed for a month and a half. I hated it the whole time. Crumbs in the bed render me unable to sleep. Since I am the mom here (and my mom always lied and told me I would get to be in charge when I was the mom) I say nobody eats in the bedrooms.
I also don’t allow food in the bathrooms, but that rule is rarely challenged.

So you can imagine I was alarmed today when Ian kept trying to smuggle fistfulls of wheat thins back into his bedroom.

When I reminded him that we don’t eat in the bedrooms he burst into tears. I couldn’t figure it out until I realized he was saying “picnic”.

Ian had seen Shane and David (and Fido) on “The Upside Down Show” having a picnic earlier today and he had gone into his bedroom and put his blanket on the floor and was trying to sneak crackers back there to have a picnic.

Of course, I got a different blanket and had a picnic with both kids in the living room. You know, the room where food is supposed to be eaten.

But still, if we get ants or roaches back there (I am actually kind of glad it is Winter right now) I am holding Shane and David responsible.

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  1. I agree with the food in the bedroom thing. It makes me crazy.

    Oh wait, I can’t stand holes in the socks either… I just fight more about the food in the bedroom.

  2. I go so far as to say that food is only eaten at the table. I can’t even eat in the living room, it drives me nuts. Then people think I’m nuts.. which I am.

  3. Socks without holes?! No eating in bed!? Okay, maybe I can get behind that one…

    Like underwear, socks only truly become personal once they get a whole or two in them.

  4. I won’t allow food in bed, but for awhile there I was letting my son eat things that weren’t overly messy in his bedroom. That stopped when the ants started pouring in. Yea. Gross. Bad mom!

  5. (Tried to e-mail this, but it bounced back…)

    Hi! I found you through Strollerderby… I live in D.C. (Columbia Heights) with my own two-and-change twins, Miles and Porter. I work nights, my wife works part-time days, so we’re both quasi-stay at homes.

    Where are you all? How do you fill your days with yours? We’ve come up with a good list of things to do in D.C., but if you’re ever seeking more playmates for your two, I’ve got a couple of fun guys to keep amused. They’re at http://www.orvetti.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=OrvettiLads

  6. My daughter’s been having a multitude of picnics too…I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where she learned that from. You just turned on the light in my dark head. I was wondering why her burpies were being used as picnic blankets all through the house…

    Friggin’ Shane & David. If I didn’t find them strangely attractive, I’d ban that show from my home…hee hee…I love those guys.

  7. awwww, that’s so sweet.

    i love those little “aha!” moments when you realize what exactly they meant/were doing and connect it all together back to the source.

    becoming scarcer for me, as my oldest is 4 now and can usually articulate what he means/is doing. still plenty from the little one (2).

  8. Those guys also encourage the kids to “grab the remote” which makes me crazy! No one is allowed to touch the remote for the main tv except me! (kidding…sort of) No food in bedrooms is a good rule that we also have. Since most of my kids won’t wear socks at all, the no holes in socks thing isn’t necessary.

  9. blogging about roaches…spoken like a true, traumatized floridian.

  10. I am so glad I am not the only person on the eastern seaboard who refuses to allow food in rooms other than the kitchen and living room areas. Shane and David are nothing but trouble. But the bald one is sorta hot, so I allow the girls to watch it.

  11. I am SO glad that someone else shares my Sock Nazi nerosis!! My husband thinks I am crazy and my old roommates had to deal with it too. I love the Upside Down Show, and it has taught my boys to really start to pretend play, but I can see how the remote thing could get frustrating… in one show David tells the kids to push down on the remote button REALLY HARD… WTF do they think that will teach a child?!?
    BTW, no eating in bedrooms (or bathrooms) either… its dirty, but I do not get any flack around here for those…just the Sock Nazi thing. 😛

  12. I’ve had to watch that show a few times and they are just strange.

    When I’m a mom I will enlist your rules because they sound good.

    I’ll let you know how it goes!

  13. Are those dudes Australian? I swear they look exactly like this duo of Aussie comedians who (at used to) call themselves “Lano and Woodley.”

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