At Least they Will Listen to Elmo

You are going to think I am a huge dork, but (as those of you who are my Netflix friends probably saw and already made fun of me) I got Elmo’s Potty Time on Netflix.

I haven’t had much luck getting my kids to care about using the bathroom. I know, they are only two and a half and most of the parents I talk to about toilet training say that their kids didn’t learn until they were three, but still, I am willing to try a lot of things just to get them interested.
The Elmo DVD came in the mail today. (I totally want to make out with Netflix) When The Goon Squad found out I actually got a DVD for them they were very excited. They wanted to watch it right away.

As they were watching it, I noticed that Claudia was alternately watching the Elmo thing and playing in her dollhouse. I went over to see what she was doing and…

I guess this is where I backtrack for a minute and tell you that my Mom has been upset for a while that there was no Grandma for the dollhouse. I found one at Target just before Christmas and so “Santa” gave Claudia a grandmother and a brother set to add to her collection of people. (You can all see exactly where this is going, right?)

You guessed it:

The Grandma was pooping on the potty!

Good for the Grandma. Good for Claudia.

Now I just have to figure out a way to make this skill transfer to Ian and Claudia, because of course during the first viewing (that’s right, they wanted to watch it again immediately) both kids pooped in their diapers.

Or, I wish it stayed in their diapers. Ian actually had a Code Brown: Level 2.

Anyway, thank you to whoever told me that I could get the Elmo Potty DVD on Netflix. I can’t remember who it was, but feel free to take credit. If this works I owe you.

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  1. I don’t know about HUGE, but you’re certainly displaying some dorkish qualities. Elmo, for one. And getting it via Netflix? Just buy a copy, for Pete’s sake! With my kids, we had the best luck with the Once Upon A Potty video/DVD. The song at the end is absolutely VIRAL. You’ll find yourself humming it while walking around.


  2. I’m SO looking for that on eBay soon.

  3. that is hilarious! i’m sure grandma will be so charmed to hear this story! good claudia!!! i think i told you this before but we let zoe hang out with no diaper on for a couple days and she got it pretty quickly, yes i was cleaning several poops off the carpet (how disgusting is that?) but it works, and several people have also recommended it to me. good luck! it’s hard!

  4. My son (tuning 3 next week) refuses to go on the potty. He is quite stubborn and I think he may go to college in diapers. Maybe I will try this!

  5. That picture is worth several thousand words.

  6. I love Claudia’s expression in that photo. And at least it was only a Level 2.

  7. Raisin is similarly uninterested in anything other than a diaper. If Elmo does the trick, please let me know, cuz I got nothin’ over here.

  8. I bought that last month. He was excited — at first — but then I thinkI pushed my luck and over-pressured. Now when I say, “don’t you want to ppopp in the potty like Elmo?” he shakes his head and runs. Oh, I also got the damn pooping doll. I’m desperate, woman.

  9. Oy vey — good luck with potty training. I really dreaded that whole phase with my first son, and will be experiencing it again in about another year with my second. I know, this comment isn’t helping…

  10. I’m dreading potty training Jack. Caleb’s Baby-Mama isn’t good at much but she had him potty trained at two and it’ll kill me not to be able to do better than her at something.

  11. Not Caleb’s Baby-Mama, Caleb’s Mom. Joe’s Baby-Mama.

  12. Keep us posted on the Elmo DVD, I am willing to try anything. We have the Potty Elmo that sits on a potty and pees and says “ELMO DID IT!” or “UH OH, ELMO WILL TRY AGAIN LATER!” and I recently bought Time to Pee by Mo Williams of Pigeon fame…they love his books. Haven’t read it yet. I’m over the adult-sized poopy diapers squished from here to there. Good luck!

  13. Isn’t that the Fisher Price dollhouse? Don’t you find it weird that the only non-kitchen furniture to come with the house itself was the toilet?

    (it’s very odd…)

  14. De-lurking to say we had that damn Elmo on the potty doll. WTF? Somebody hates parents! We used the Bear in the Big Blue House potty DVD and Potty book for girls, I don’t remember the author. Finally, Grandma kidnapped my daughter for about 5 days and had her completely potty trained, even at night. I’m hoping she’s ready and willing in about 8 mos when it’s time to start training the boy!

  15. Let us know the outcome, my daughter is also 2 and a half and I am looking for anything to make her interested also, because she DOES NOT WANT TO! just ask her, she’ll tell ya!

  16. AWESOME! My kid is two and a quarter and he picked out his own (Elmo) potty at the store last week. We’ve been reading Once Upon A Potty for months (and he used to love it) but no interest yet in sitting on said potty. I was thinking we’d try the Bear in the Big Blue House DVD, but it’s not available on Netflix! If Elmo is, we are SO getting it after you! [And after I have this baby!!!!! So no rush! :-)]

  17. Wow! I didn’t know Netflix had that. I’ll have to put it on my list.

    Never underestimate the power of Elmo. If he told the kids to poke the eyes out of cats, they probably would.

  18. That’s too weird I did a bit about Elmo this week too. Fred’s is staring the crap out of me. It’s possessed or something.

  19. My two and a half year old Quinn and I just watched our netflix version of Elmo’s potty time. He sings along, but no apparent interest in applying the lyrics yet. Nice to see I’m not alone.

  20. Our VCR ate the potty-training video that we rented for our son. Ate it. It’s dead.

    We resorted to bribing him with M&M’s. Worked like a charm.

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