Can’t Talk – Too Busy Baking

Yes. I said baking. Well, baking, wrapping, then re-wrapping, then re-re-wrapping (I have two two year olds) gifts.

In other words, happy birthday, Gabe. You are a wonderful father and husband. We love you.

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  1. Yeah cake!!

    Happy birthday Gabe.

  2. Happy birthday, Gabe. The goon squad loves you so much, they’re going to open your presents for you. :)

  3. Your Mother says:

    Happy birthday Gabe – you rock!

  4. Happy Birthday Gabe !! Your kids are awsome !! Your wife too !

  5. How come they both say “Daddy” with British accents?

    Happy Birthday, Gabe. Enjoy the sweets.

  6. Holy crap I love their little accents. How cute.

    Happy Birthday, Gabe!

  7. They do have little accents! Claudia says “Daddy” just like the girl in Mary Poppins! They are the CUTEST.

    Happy Birthday, Gabe!

  8. What kind of cake…?

    Happy Birthday Gabe!!!

  9. Happy, happy!

  10. Um, you told me you moved to Virginia. Why does she sound British? What have you done to Claudia?


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