Do Cats Hibernate?

I’m just asking because it is 10:46 and both of my cats are still asleep in my bed.

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  1. Noggin has this little bit right now where Moose talks about how some animals hibernate, then he says to the kids “Would you like to hibernate? Think of all the fun things you’d miss!” while meanwhile I’m thinking “GOD yes I want to hibernate. Where can I sign up?”

  2. I think all the art being done on your walls has worn them out, man.

  3. At least they’re not puking on your shoes.

  4. My cats sleep so much and so deeply that I nudge them every once in a while just to make sure they’re still breathing.

  5. If only hibernating was a possibility, then I wouldn’t need to boot my obnoxiously loud cat out into ten degree temperatures just so he would shut the hell up.

    I say let sleeping cats lie.

  6. What? Your kids don’t try to play with them and chase them around the house everytime they try to squeeze a catnap in? My cats heave a huge sigh of relief once Gabriel takes a nap or goes to bed at night!

  7. You mean thats not normal? My kitty that I had for 22 years (aw, i loved her) used to sleep pretty much always. I thought all cats were lazy like that.

  8. Awww..they’re so preeeeety! And uh..cats don’t “officially” hibernate but they might as well since they sleep like 16 hours a day. Well, mine do, anyway.

  9. Have I mentioned you should never invite me over again, because when you do I am going to have both of them in my pocket when I leave?

  10. I think your cats and my dogs are related. They don’t even bother to get excited when I get home anymore!!

    They just lift their head, look, decide they cant be arsed getting up and fall back asleep!

  11. yes. yes they do.

    I find the cats handy when a certain someone goes nap optional. I like the peer pressure.. well Filip and Dexter are sleeping…? So useful this is accurate 97% of the time at almost any time of day.

  12. Mine sleep up until i fall asleep at which time they have a fight near my head and run across my body targeting mainly my boobs and bladder. they suck.

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