I know I have a lot of male readers so I wanted to help you guys out.

If your wife/girlfriend/significant other gets a hair cut, and you don’t say anything about it, she is going to think you hate it. As in, ‘if you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ Especially if her hair is a completely different color or considerably shorter. It might actually be better to say you liked it the old way better, but she still looks nice than nothing at all. Or she might be silently freaking out until she starts crying for what would appear to be no reason. Even if you liked her new hair the whole time.
Not that I would ever do anything like that. I’m just sayin’.

This might save you some grief in the future.

You are welcome.

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  1. Amen, sistah. I recently went through that with my boyfriend. Guys need to be trained…they don’t know any better. 😉

    *gets out whip*

  2. Picture? I’m in suspense.

  3. I guess I better say Thank You!

  4. I love you hair cut. It’s absolutley gorgeous.

    (OK, that probably means nothing becuase ‘my people’ are completely in tune with women’s hair.)

    But I agree… pictures are a must!

  5. But, now how do you know if he really likes? Did he just say he likes it because you cried? Yep, they are much better off saying they like it the minute they see it!

  6. I would almost rather nothing than the “oh its fine,” comments I get. :)

  7. Ewww….a cut AND a color! I am so jealous – the time away from the kids! I’m sure it’s incredible!

    Can’t wait to see pics!

  8. Don’t leave us hanging, Sarah! A new cut and color? Photo, please!

  9. I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR. (even though I haven’t seen it)


    I guess you were too busy crying because Gabe is such a mean poopoo head…….

  10. As I told the wife when she came home thisafternoon from getting her hair done (no lie, she did). First thing out of my mouth was: I love the hair, it’s beautiful.

    After near 10-years of marriage, you learn these things… and if you don’t… then God help you….

    And I’m with everyone else; ya gotta post a picture…

  11. I agree with everyone else that we need some kind of photograph – but unless every one of your readers comments on it, are you going to worry we don’t like it?

    Even though Delurking Week is over, when you post the photo, you should warn lurkers that they will make you cry.

    More importantly: what do you think of your new ‘do? Do you like it?

  12. well sarah you can’t write this without showing us GIRLS your haircut!?!?!

  13. I dyed my hair a few days ago and Joe didn’t notice. Then a day or so later I put in my 18 earrings and he didn’t notice that either.
    Boys are just oblivious.

  14. Amen… can we see a pic??

  15. We probably didn’t notice. There is also a good chance we don’t like it and don’t want to hurt your feelings. Why are you always changing shit? It was fine the old way.

  16. The Kaiser says the same thing every time : “looks good” and then he walks away. it’s like some trained dog response he has stashed for every single time I walk in the door after a haircut.
    Door opens. Door closes. I put my keys down, I turn “Looks good”

    and then you know he walks away going “whew…I remembered” in his little head.

  17. Yep. Jeromy doesn’t even look up anymore when I come home after a haircut – but automatically says, “I like your hair.”

  18. You can call me, Sir says:

    A story about an ex….
    It was a long-distance relationship. She was flying in to stay with me for a month in the summer. It was awesome. She was a hotty…long blonde hair, green eyes, etc. I’m in the airport, she gets off the plane, walks toward me, and I hesitate to recognize her for a second because she had lopped off her hair into some kind of short bob. “You got a haircut”, I said. “Yeah”, she replied. “I sure do love you” I said, while inside I was weeping bitter tears of disappointment out of my black, black heart.

  19. My husband doesn’t notice things like this either. I dyed my hair black (it’s normally a dark blonde/light brown color) and he didn’t notice for an entire day! Jet black, like a goth type of black. Boys are clueless sometimes! Although my three year old son (two at the time) did notice and told me it didn’t look pretty on me. I wonder at what age they lose their ability to see things like this.

    Also? Pictures please!

  20. I read this to Chris, and he looked at me and said “did you get a haircut?”. In his defense, he has gotten pretty good about this, once I realized that on the way to a hair appointment I say to him: “I’m going to get my hair cut now.”

  21. So true! How could a male significant other not make a comment about their partner’s new haircut/color? Simply inexcusable. :)

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