Remember Earlier? When I Told You I was a Bad Ass?

So, I just got off the phone with Steve Case.

No, really. I was on a conference call with Steve Case, and he was really cool. I was joined by Cindy, Kelly, Jenn and Jenny. We talked about his new website Revolution Health. It is a brand new site that is kind of like WebMD, but better.

The other ladies were very professional and asked well thought out, intelligent sounding questions while I said things like Holy Shit! Steve Fucking Case! “Uh, duh, ummmmm… What is WebMd?”

I’m kidding. I did okay, even though I am pretty sure everyone could clearly make out the sound of “Madagascar” in the background. I guess you if want Mommybloggers, you get the added bonus of getting to rock out to “I Like to Move It”.

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  1. I like to — MOVE IT!

  2. Fine. You get calls with Steve Case and MP3 players and I get personal lubricant. I must be doing something wrong here.

  3. Geez, first you get banned, then you get Steve Case? You Internet Rockstar, you!

  4. I hope you told him I said “hi.”

  5. So we rule out Steve Case as the culprit who banned you from Ethiopia. Right?

  6. I think we’re taking over the world, and soon everyone in corporate America will be used to hearing Madagascar and Shrek in the background of conference calls.

    (admitting guilt over here)

  7. I think that Steve Case might be able to take care of that little ETHIOPIA problem you have. Have his people talk to their people.

  8. And now you’re back to slumming with us 😉

  9. dragon-mum says:

    G’day Sarah, Here from MochaMomma’s blog. Will be back for more. Just a small question. What are goldfish? I figure it’s a food or the kids wouldn’t be eating them. I read the shopping post and was horrified “WHAT, she threw the goldfish?”. Had to read more to figure out you were not talking about ones that live in water 😉 Will be back for more


  10. Ooh, I can’t wait to hear your assessment of the call. I would have loved to have joined myself (stupid work) – details. We want details!

  11. Did you tell him to bring margaritas to the next meeting?

  12. Funny…and cool…and what will you be doing with this?

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