Perfect Post Award – January

I hate to give a perfect post award to someone I know, especially someone I actually hang out with. It seems kind of nepotist. There are two reasons that I am going to do it anyway. 1) I was a fan of her blog long before I met her in person and B)* I read a lot of posts and this one struck me as particularly beautiful.

I love this post that Beth wrote. Led Zeppelin is so overplayed that sometimes I forget what was so great about them. It made me remember that. It also made me remember some people that I don’t think about very often.

Every once in a while somebody will say something to me that really sticks. In Beth’s case, one friend told her that “he was looking for a woman who was ‘a queen without a king, who plays the guitar and cries and sings’,” and another referred to her as an “angel draped in mortar”.

Sometimes these things are silly. I have a very distinct memory of a guy names Rich telling me “All young girls should listen to Agnosic Front”. I also remember some guy at Mardi Gras telling me I had sexy armpits. Other times they are statements that make you learn something about yourself. In college, I was at a friend’s apartment and I was looking though one of those books that had lyrics and tablature and the piano accompanyment that went along with Pearl Jam’s album “Ten”. I asked him what a certain song sounded like and here is what he said – “You can read music.”

And he was right. But I didn’t realize it. He was trying to be a dick, but instead he  changed my life.

A Perfect Post – January 2007

Anyway, thanks for making me think, Beth. You can read all of Beth’s other posts at So the Fish Said…. and all of her writing isn’t this heavy. Today she has a big zit.

All of the other Perfect Post Awards for January can be found on Suburban Turmoil and Petroville.

(* Yes, I meant to number them 1 and B… it’s an homage.)

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  1. As I already commented to Beth, this morning I cut my bangs JUST SO THEY’D COVER THE GIANT ZIT ON MY FOREHEAD that my daughter saw this morning and shrieked” Mommy! What happened to you! Are you okay?!? My zit scared a small child. OH MY GOD! MY ZIT IS BIG ENOUGH TO SCARE A CHILD.

    I asked Beth if she’d go into hiding with me.

  2. You do have sexy armpits, I’ve been meaning to mention it.

  3. I had a guy tell me I had nice eyebrows… He’d laugh if he could see the state of them now. Back then, I kept them trimmed meticulously, of course, I wasn’t married, didn’t have a kid, and had a social life…

  4. Yeah. Music’s weird. I remember lots of my friends — dead or alive — to some sort of music. Rock on, Jimmy Dean. Nice post.

  5. An homage to Mad About You, perhaps? I always loved the way Paul did that. [except I believe he did it a) and then 2)]

    That show totally jumped the shark as soon as they added a baby. But I still miss it. mk

  6. Ahhh I love Led Zeppelin too and sometimes forget after hearing Stairway to Heaven on the classic rock station 8,000,000 times. Also, I was dragged to an Agnostic Front show once. Good preparation for having multiples.

  7. Beth had far too many comments for me to leave yet another. Instead, I’ll tell you.

    If you only remember small things about people you didn’t really know.

    Rick only said that line to her to sleep with her. Trust me on this, I’m a guy. I am not saying she fell for it, but that was why he said it.

    That’s my $.02, and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it.

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