If You Are Psyched For the Super Bowl… and Have Some Free Time

Bear vs Colt.

(Thanks Frank Sucks)

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  1. Oh dude. The 4 year old and I just watched all of the movies.
    (a lot of the photos and stuff are shot at the Indy Zoo it looks like.)

  2. My confession. When the site was initially loading I saw the “scrolls” and jumped to the incorrect conclusion that the subject matter would be a Jewish perspective on the superbowl.

    I think I should begin drinking now.

  3. Second confession. I have fallen off a treadmill. I wish I HAD been wearing a costume when it happened.

  4. I think the Torah is pretty Clear on the matter.
    If I remember correctly it says:
    !stloC oG

  5. Gidge, you are amazing. I had no idea you were fluent in Hebrew!

  6. At the risk of looking like I’m on a band wagon when really I should just be on the wagon…. Go Colts!

  7. Go Pats!

  8. dragon-mum says:

    LOL They were funny. I think I have to vote for Colt.

  9. I didn’t change your header, I swear.
    *runs away, screaming “GO COWBOYS!”

  10. Man, this took a long time to load….but whoa! The coolness! :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. GO COLTS!!

  12. I actually thought of you today during the game…can’t wait for your wrap-up.

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