The Boy is Not Charitable

We have had a growing pile in the laundry room. It isn’t laundry (although that pile keeps growing too) it is stuff to give away.

I feel really guilty about this, but the last two times that the charity people came to our house for a pick up I have failed to have our stuff out early enough. Who know that they would really show up by 7:30 am?

The other day Gabe loaded up our van with the pile of give away boxes and bags. The plan was that I would drop it all off at the Salvation Army when the kids were at school on Tuesday. Of course, my kids were sick on Tuesday… and Wednesday. Yesterday I decided to suck it up and just take the kids with me to the Salvation Army.

I know that Ian gets funny about giving his things away. In fact he regularly cries in the grocery store because he is convinced that the people in front of us in line are stealing our groceries. I have to explain how it works to him (and explain why he is crying to the other people in line who he is pointing at) every time. I decided I would be better off disclosing my plan ahead of time so he didn’t freak out when we got to the Salvation Army.

As I was trying to explain the plan Ian completely went to pieces.

Noooooooo! Don’t give my stuff to little kids!

I couldn’t do it. He was upset for 20 minutes. I called my mother-in-law to see if she could watch the kids so that I could go drop everything off.
Fortunately, the Lupus Foundation was going to be at my in-laws house in the morning. So last night after Gabe came home I snuck out of the house and dumped a whole vanload of old toys and books in Gabe’s parent’s foyer.

Why does Ian hate charity? Do you think he is going to be a Republican when he grows up?

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  1. I’ve never forgiven my Mom for giving away “Squeakers” (a stuffed Monkey) to charity when I was five. *SIGH*

  2. Oh Sarah! I think you just broke my Republican heart! I like charities and donate often!

    Imma cry now…


    Okay not really…

  3. “Do you think he is going to be a Republican when he grows up?”


    Sorry, I… I don’t know what came over me for a moment there…

    The PB & The J were like that as well, I wouldn’t worry about it. He’ll grow out of it eventually…

  4. Maybe Ian is afraid that if you give his stuff away, he’ll be left with a piece of lint and a chewed-up pencil. Or something. You know, no more fun toys. ??? I don’t know.

  5. I’ll have you know that squeakers found a good home with lots of love!

  6. I think all kids are essentially Republicans, i.e., driven by their reptilian brain, their id. Only as their brains develop do they become Democrats, and some never get that far!


    P.S. In my town, Salvation Army will come pick up stuff and you can schedule a day at … Don’t know if that works where you are.

  7. I’m living with the opposite and definitely a politician (party undetermined at this time). This kid would give the shirt off his back and his last penny if I’d let him.

  8. I’d be the same way if people came to my door to get my old stuff (how odd is that really, they come to your house?!). I take months to select and sort, and then have a mini-party when I finally haul it downstairs and to the Salvation Army.
    Also – you might want Ian to read this:


  9. I think if you start giving his sibling everything and tell him he needs to just pull himself up by his bootstraps you may save him from the Republican fate yet.

  10. Aww, poor little guy. I think kids just get attached to their stuff and don’t understand that they will eventually get new stuff.

    I never forgave my mother for selling all of my Sunshine Family dolls in a garage sale, do you know how much those go for on eBay these days?

  11. I have my oldest bag up stuff for “other kids” all the time and he goes crazy, gives away the damn farm. I have to go back through his donations and dig out the “good stuff.”

  12. Wow, he is so much like Justin. Justin still gets upset if we throw things away, or give them away. We often call im Fred Sanford.

  13. Why cant i leave a comment?

  14. Testing 123

  15. I’m not sure. I’ve warned Caleb that many of his toys here are being given away and he’s dealing fine with it. Then again considering the life he lives with his mom I’d have to make him eat standing on his head to startle him.

  16. Maybe Ian would prefer freecycle?

  17. I usually don’t endorse Berenstain Bears books, but The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need is actually pretty good for getting kids used to the idea of giving things to charity.

  18. I think he is a Republican already.

    You’ve lost the boy.

    Work on the girl.

  19. Republican? OH MY GOD SARA!! My 19yr old is a die hard Republican and wouldn’t give anything away if his life depended on it.. lol he still have all his ” ghost busters” action figures from when he was Ian’s age. And will not let me give them away…

    I should of known thats where it started from. Good luck it will get better

  20. Your Mother says:

    Sarah – Your Grandmother gave some of my BEST STUFF away – do you think that’s why I am a Republican?

  21. Make him watch Mommy Dearest. Then I think he’ll turn around.

  22. Maybe you’ll have a little Alex P. Keaton on your hands!

    Great post!

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