Maybe I Should be Leaving the Bathroom Door Closed Even when I’m not in There

Me: Ian. I have your socks. Are you ready?


Me: Ian, where are you?


Me: (louder) Ian! Where are you?

Ian runs out of my bedroom.

Me: Ian, what were you doing in my bedroom?

Ian: I was washing my teeth.

Me: Ew. With Daddy’s toothbrush?

Ian: With YOUR toothbrush.

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  1. Heh. If he can manage to get a hold of it, my little dude tries to put the toothbrush into the toilet. It’s like Seinfeld!

  2. At least he’s brushing!!!!

  3. At least he wasn’t washing the toilet.

  4. I have to say this is one of the toughest things about parenting for me – the complete lack of personal space. I don’t know that the boys have ever used my toothbrush, but they have gotten into and destroyed cosmetics and decorated a closet with feminine products. Funny, yes, but also infuriating.

  5. The phrase “washing my teeth” made me smile.

  6. Replace your toothbrush. You KNOW he was not washing his teeth. He was dipping it in the toilet water. Or digging for black gunk in the drain. Or dropping it in the trash can and digging it out again.

  7. Teeth sounds like best case scenerio.

  8. I have dutifully trained my children to knock on my door…EVEN when it is open just in case they would like to do things like ‘wash their teeth’, play with my vibrator etc.

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