Who Wants to Explain Commercial Air Travel to the Boy?

Me: …and so tomorrow after school we are going to go to the airport to pick up Melissa.

Ian: What about now?

Me: You want to the airport now to go get Melissa?

Ian: Yes.

Me: She’s not there yet. She won’t get on the airplane until tomorrow. Then we can go get her.

Ian: Melissa has an airplane? I did not know that.


He really said it that way. “I did not know that.” Maybe I should just let him think that Melissa has her own plane. I don’t know if I am quite up to explaining corporate airlines today.

This parenting thing just keeps getting stranger, doesn’t it?

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  1. He is a Republican, right? All he needs is a monocle and a watch on a chain for his vest pocket.

  2. i remember when i was little, my mom had a friend named peggy who we were going to pick up from the airport.
    i was disappointed on many levels: 1) i thought we were picking up miss piggy, (wtf?) and 2) i thought she lived on the airplane, and i thought she was very rude for not inviting us in.

  3. Oh how I love him. Sigh.

    And tiffany–I snorted. Thanks!

  4. LOL…I’m so glad your just a little bit on in front of me on this twin thing… it’s like have an instruction manual.

  5. For many years my son thought my mother came via the Fed Ex airplane. It was the first airplane we would see upon our drive up to the airport in Wichita. We figured one day he would possibly see the Fed Ex truck in our neighborhood and think his grandmother had driven to visit us.

  6. I’m seeing a future billionaire here. He’ll never forget that dream he once had of every one of his relatives having their own planes, and devotes his life to making it happen…

  7. I totally heard his, “I did not know that” Walter Sobchak style.

  8. He had me at “I did” … You know I am usually all pro-Claudia but Ian baby is pretty f’in funny these days.

  9. She doesn’t have her own plane? Who in this day and age doesn’t have their own plane? 😉

  10. He’s so funny! I love the thoughts that go through their heads!

  11. “This parenting thing just keeps getting stranger…..”

    It gets real fun when they are teens. Then they know everything and will be explaining it to you, whether you want to know or not.

  12. I hate people who one-up.

    So, just trust me that I’m feeling some self-loathing while I post this:
    We’re flying with the kids to DC on Thursday, and I’m having a hell of a time explaining THAT to The Boy. He’s 2, and this concept, that we’re getting ON an airplane, is simply amazing to him. Airplanes aren’t something people ride in, they just fly overhead. Magically. And, what? We’re going somewhere to sightsee? Who CARES? We’re going on an airplane! Whatever that means.

    Self-loathing over.

    I have no idea when the parenting thing stops being strange. My mother says, not yet.

  13. Kate,
    You realize Ian could pick you up at the airport, right?

  14. Wait a minute…when did Melissa get an airplane???

  15. I am a firm believer in the concept of, “Truth? You don’t want the truth. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” As I blogged in my self-confessed top ten ways I am blowing it as a mom, I always counter with a question, “Why do you ask?” frequently with the addendum, “What is it you want to know?”

    This either gets me off with an exegerrated eyeroll, or points me in the right direction.

    Then again, I let my oldest think her aunt lived in the lighthouse across the lake for about two straight years.

    So take me for what I am worth. 😉

  16. I never shared with my son that you could go to Charles E. Fromage at times other than birthday parties. He never asked me. And I certainly never brought it up!

  17. Well of course Melissa has an airplane…

  18. It seems to be that even the jerks running airlines aren’t sure how it all works, so who know how to explain it to a child.

  19. *giggles* Seriously cute. :)

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