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It’s Official: I am Going to BlogHer

I’ve got my registration in, I’ve got my roommates, now all I need is a plane ticket. I’ll see you guys in Chicago. (Unless of course you chose Sting over me, like some people.) Yeah, so about that plane ticket, feel free to click on my ads. I think if you were each to click […]


You go away for one weekend and… wow. I need to get a blackberry or something for the beach. You know, I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the way the NFL draft turned out and now I have to deal with the fact that my friends are very warped individuals with a […]

Randomness Part 74

Did I ever tell you guys that I know someone who had sex with Carrot Top? Yes that Carrot Top. True story. I found out about while playing a game of “I Never” in college. I laughed really, really hard. Right up until they found out something embarrassing about me. Not that embarrassing, but still… […]

Boots Has a Penis

Claudia: You don’t have a penis. Me: Nope. I’m a girl. Only boys have penises. Claudia: Ian’s a boy. Me: Right. Who else is a boy? Claudia: Daddy’s a boy. Grandpa is a boy. Boots is a boy. Uncle Mike… Boots. Boots the freaking monkey from Dora the Explorer trumps my brother and Claudia’s other […]

Behold the Power of The Letter Factory

We had Beth, Chris and Mia over for dinner on Sunday. They brought me wine and a Junkyard cd so I was immediately won over. Despite Beth’s assertions that we are much cooler than them, I thought they were pretty fly. (See, just by calling them fly it proved that I’m probably not cooler than […]

Some Closure: Answer to a Burning Question

Well, we have an answer to the “Am I a hipster parent or a huge dork?” question. Thanks to Mike from Cry it Out and Google. If you do a Google or Blingo search (come on, do a search. I haven’t bothered you guys about this in a long time, and now Gabe’s iPod is […]

Quote of the Day

My friend Angie (from way up in Alaska) just sent me the greatest quote: “There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins”. Josh Billings North Platte Neb. Telegraph.      

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

As much as I’ve been trying not to think about it, I was kind of sad that I hadn’t been nominated for any of those Blogger’s Choice Awards. And then I was voting today (which I tend to do about every other day. Did you know you can vote for more than one person?) I […]

Best Doormat Ever

I almost bought this doormat. I don’t know if my neighbors would think it is as funny as I do.

Mom My Ride

I found this over on DadCentric this morning. It’s funny because it’s true. If neither of my stupid embeds work here’s the link. (Thanks Jason) Aside: Why can’t I make embeds work? What is my problem? Is there a secret, or am I just embeddely challenged? Every time I try to do this Karen has […]

Hipster Parent or Huge Dork?

Hipster parent or humongous dork? It is all in the eye of the beholder. As I was all set to clean my house (the universe still hasn’t come through with that cleaning service yet, but I haven’t given up) I loaded up my iPod with The Horrors and EL-P* and I realized – Oh my […]

Not Bad for Her First Try